Daily Archives: July 24, 2009

Used Stamps

When I was young we used to collect the stamps from all incoming letters.  They were saved in a large envelope and when it was full, passed on to a charity.  The stamps needed to be in good condition and still attached to a small section of envelope.  The chosen charity then soaked and removed the stamps from the backing paper and when dry sorted them according to country and price denomination.  They were then sold to stamp collectors.

Down the years in each place of employment, I continued to collect the stamps from all the post and pass them on.  I still to this day, remove the stamps.  Nowadays the number of letters has reduced and most are franked, but I do receive some stamped items from across the globe.  My problem now is where to send them.  Several of the recipients from the past no longer collect them.

Do you know of a charity that accepts used stamps today?


Once more I would like to remind you about FCB@5 (Friday Consortium Blogging at Five p.m.).

To date we had topics selected by:

  • Ashok – India = Stereotyping
  • Conrad – USA = Creativity

Today it is the turn of Ramana – (Pune, India) to provide us with something to test the grey cells.  While the boys are scratching their heads and prancing about on their keyboards I am off to play chase the dust…..

See You at 5pm!