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When I was young we used to collect the stamps from all incoming letters.  They were saved in a large envelope and when it was full, passed on to a charity.  The stamps needed to be in good condition and still attached to a small section of envelope.  The chosen charity then soaked and removed the stamps from the backing paper and when dry sorted them according to country and price denomination.  They were then sold to stamp collectors.

Down the years in each place of employment, I continued to collect the stamps from all the post and pass them on.  I still to this day, remove the stamps.  Nowadays the number of letters has reduced and most are franked, but I do receive some stamped items from across the globe.  My problem now is where to send them.  Several of the recipients from the past no longer collect them.

Do you know of a charity that accepts used stamps today?


Once more I would like to remind you about FCB@5 (Friday Consortium Blogging at Five p.m.).

To date we had topics selected by:

  • Ashok – India = Stereotyping
  • Conrad – USA = Creativity

Today it is the turn of Ramana – (Pune, India) to provide us with something to test the grey cells.  While the boys are scratching their heads and prancing about on their keyboards I am off to play chase the dust…..

See You at 5pm!

8 thoughts on “Used Stamps

  1. Ashok

    I used to be quite the Philatelist myself although my intentions were hardly as noble. Things changed over the many years of growing up. Looking forward to your take on Ramana sir’s topic 🙂

  2. Grannymar Post author

    @Ashok – I collected stamps when I was young and the World Map had colours, countries and place names that no longer exist.

    @Ramana – I shall start with the link above from WWW.

  3. Polly Pierce

    Hi Grannymar, I came across this post when I was looking for places to sell used stamps to. Like many people I’ve been collecting used stamps to donate to a worthy charity for what seems like forever!

    How little did I know that one day I’d be contacting people on behalf of a charity that I am actively involved in, ie the Offaly Dyslexia Group. We are affiliated to the Dyslexia Association of Ireland, but this arrangement doesn’t include financial support of our group – rather the other way around!

    We need to raise funds to enable us to purchase essential equipment needed to help children with dyslexia learn how to read, write and communicate through the written word. Our fundraising is on-going.

    Perhaps you would be able to assist us with this by occasionally donating stamps and/or encouraging your readers to do the same? Many thanks, Polly

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Hi Polly, welcome to my blog. As someone who always had difficulty with reading, I will certainly keep the Offaly Dyslexia Group in mind for used stamps. Now I know where my next bundle will go. 😀 It is wonderful that children are given help with all things reading in school these days. In my time we were just considered lazy and our frustrations boldness!

  5. Polly Pierce

    Hi Grannymar! That’s brilliant, thanks for your support…

    One of my two boys has experienced first hand the frustrations of being ‘bold’ from an early age. Luckily so much of this has been due to the dyslexia and since his diagnosis just over a year ago his behaviour has settled dramatically! Now we have a hard time keeping him away from books; he’s always loved ’em, but now he can enjoy reading them himself…

    Unfortunately, he’s one of the difficult one’s who’s managed to hide his difficulties so well that he’d have missed out on the help he’s been given. He’s too intelligent to fall into the usual ‘slow learner’ category which is why his dyslexia was missed in school tests.

    With the determination of three other parents in similar situations we set up the group last October and are now planning our next term of workshops which start next month.

    Eleven children came on board for our initial seven week trial workshops earlier this year, having benefitted immeasurably as a result. Each has re-enrolled for our next term which sees us expanding to a roll call of sixteen children and an additional tutor.

    Any funds raised through collecting and selling used postage stamps will be used to support the purchase and maintenance of essential equipment used to help these kids.

    Many thanks,



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