Out to Lunch

I went out to lunch with Chris last week.  It turned out to be a bright dry day and we headed for Carrickfergus.

We were standing in County Antrim, looking across Belfast Lough to Co Down, with the Titanic Quarter over on the right with The cranes Samson & Goliath marking the spot of the old Belfast Shipyard.  Following the path to the right we passed along the recently built apartments.

One floor up would be nice, just high enough to see the view.

We eat at The Windrose Bistro in the centre of the photo below.

The food was good but the service let them down BIG TIME.  We sat outside on the deck enjoying the sights, sounds and fresh air. When our coffee cups were drained we wandered in the direction of the courtyard at Scotch Quarter and that is where I met Roger….

Roger!  Did I not mention Roger?

Well I am tired typing so Roger will have to wait for another day…..

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  1. Grannymar Post author


    One of these days you will learn about Roger. I will have to put him down first! 😉

  2. steph

    I’m with Geri – ya auld tease! Spill the beans!

    If ever I sail into Carrickfergus, you will get a gold invitation to join us onboard for a G&T … but only if you’re good!!! :mrgreen:

  3. steph

    On second thoughts… I’m not sure your dickie hip would like boats.

    (I promise not to make any jokes about you getting a leg over!) :mrgreen:

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Hi Steph! *waves a welcome*

    Good to have you connected with the blogging world once more.

    As for Roger… ‘Yis are jealous’, as they say in Dublin.
    I will reveal all about ‘My’ Roger when I am good and ready. … Now I am off to amuse myself with him for another day! 🙄

  5. Geri Atric

    Grr… ’tis indeed the green eyed monster.
    Has he got a brother? (No, not the green eyed monster(!) – Roger)!

    (Hi Steph, good to see you feeling better xx).

  6. Grannymar Post author


    You have no patience! 😉 My mammy said patience was a virtue, my brother said she was good looking too! 😆 I have plenty of brothers, I’ll give you one for half price! 🙄

  7. Nick

    Oh you big tease you! How do you mean the service let them down big time? And yes, who’s Roger? Jolly Roger? Roger Over and Out? Roger the Codger?

  8. Grannymar Post author

    @Judy – Oh alright! I will try to put Roger down and write about him, next you will want a photograph! 😉

    @Nick – We decided to eat out on the deck, as did many others. BUT we had to go inside to place our orders for the meal and again when we wanted coffee. Chris was asked three times during the meal to stand and open the door for a young waiter with hands full of dirty dishes, so he could take them inside to the kitchen. I went in to order the coffee. I needed to speak to five people in order to get two cups of coffee. Not the way to entice customers back, even if the food is good.

  9. steph

    I’ve guessed who Roger is but I’m still waiting for an explanation about Chris???

    How many more toyboys do you have hidden away, Grannymar?

  10. Darlene

    Well, now that you have whetted our appetites for news about Roger I will be waiting with baited breath. You Imp, you. You really know how to keep us coming back.

    The restaurant looks like a fun place to dine, but with poor service and planning it won’t last long.

  11. d@\/e

    WE had a gig at the Windrose, many moons ago, and it had a strange atmosphere about it. Things sound like they haven’t changed there. Only played it once, Thank God.

  12. Magpie11

    I’ve decide to open a book on Roger…on former form.(???) Roge ris mechanical…A camera?

    Not another new computer surely?

    Steph…good to see you back!

  13. Grannymar Post author

    @Dave – The setting and the food were good when they remembered to bring it, perhaps another time the service will improve. I’ll wait a few months though.

    @Jean – I agree.

    @Magpie – No new camera or laptop,the ones I have do the job nicely thanks.

    @Kirk M – You don’t know Gm very well. I do not like cats or ferrets.

  14. Grannymar Post author

    Kirk M, the guessing is fun and I am enjoying it. Think you might have to wait another day to learn the answer. 😉

  15. Grannymar Post author


    Don’t feel left out. Judy, Darlene, Jean & Kirk M are all from your side of the pond, and you know that Ramana comes from Elephant country.

    Geri lives in the Netherlands, Magpie & Nick are English, although Nick has like myself adopted Northern Ireland as home, while Dave is a native. So that leaves Steph as the only representative from the south of Ireland so far today. I think everyone else down there is at the Concert in Croke Park. Except my sister who is availing of the free concert in her back garden, she tells me she can hear it quite clearly about three miles away! U2 or something you call them! 😉

  16. Grannymar Post author


    That is very true – and he wants to be my Shishya! My father never warned me about fellows like that! 🙄

  17. Grannymar Post author


    He does indeed put us all to shame, as he speaks several languages. Being a good sport he enjoys our teasing & ragging him! 😀

  18. Baino

    Pretty place for lunch Grannymar . . it’s too cold and yuckky down here for a photowalk today so maybe next week. I’m very suspicious of anyone called Wodger! “When our coffee cups were drained . . .” you had coffee? On such a lovely Chardy day? For shame.

  19. Grannymar Post author

    @Baino – Every second day here is cold wet and miserable, but thankfully the blogs bring sunshine from places far away to lift my spirits and warm my heart. By the way the coffee was at the end of a very long and slow lunch.

    @Ashok – When you get to my age…. a girl needs some fun!

  20. Magpie11

    Accents? Over the pond the other year people kept saying things like “Y’all from Englaand?”
    “Yes! How did you know?”
    “Well, y’all have an accent.”
    “Nooo! You’re the ones with the accents!”
    This was unfailingly met with a good hearted laugh, grin or wink., even in Wallmart . There then followed a third degree interrogation as to where in England we came from with answers given in different regional accents, which caused more amusement.

    I wonder if Roger is a boat?

  21. bikehikebabe

    Magpie 11 I love your story. I am not from the South (U.S.) but I went to a southern college & I do a mean southern accent which I like to use for laughs.

    Are you a bird, age 11 or WHAT?

  22. Rumuuser

    Magpie, they call windscreen the windshield. I had an argument with an American on that one when he said that the American term should prevail because, they invented the automobile. I suggested that the Brits invented the language, apart from the statement that the automobile was invented in the USA being a myth.

    Grannymar and BHB, I doff my topi to both of you.

  23. bikehikebabe

    Thanks for the link that explains Magpie11.

    When I was in Ireland many years ago, I noticed that the bird (Magpie) was black & white. (I was told that D.D.T. killed all the smaller birds.) So were all the cats & dogs, black & white. This was in the farmland area. Also the cows were all black & white. They give richer milk. I don’t ever remember seeing a black & white cow in the U.S.

    I asked what’s the name of the white weed that was so prolific. (Queen Anne’s Lace—I forgot). The farmer said it’s called “White Weed”.

  24. Magpie11

    Oh boy! My father will haunt any one who says Black and white cows give richer milk!!!! You cannot beat Guernseys ( or at a push, Jerseys) for rich milk unless you’re milking seals and the like!

    In the UK we have inherited Holsteins from the US…they have such huge udders that they need milking three times a day…It’s enough to put one off dairy products for good.

    Sorry…I shoulld rant on my own blog!

    Back to business…I roger anything to do with upcoming hospitalisation and after wards? You might need support.

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