Daily Archives: July 26, 2009

Where to start….?

Carrickfergus Castle

I am not sure if I am ready for this unveiling yet.  I like to take things slowly and savour the moment.  So many situations in life are ruined because they are rushed.  So where should I start?  Looking in or looking out?

Looking out through the archway to Belfast Lough.

Have you ever been to the Courtyard at Scotch Quarter in Carrickfergus?  It is a pleasant setting off Marine highway with about nine individual shops. Some of them have had the same tenants for years while a few deep inside bring new faces and merchandise.  The list includes a china/giftware and kitchen ware shop, and a coffee shop both face the direction you see through the arch above.  Elizabeth Anne fashions had large retirement notices pasted across the windows and little stock left.  It was one of the larger shops and I wonder who will replace them?  There is a tiny Thomas Joseph Gallery, where you can chat to and watch the man himself, as he paints.

This photo I took back in March last year, was right in the central courtyard.  The furniture is made from tree trunks and imported from the far side of the globe so has a very heavy carbon footprint!  The shop selling that furniture is to the right of where the ladies are sitting.  One of the more recent arrivals is a delicatessen/coffee shop with just a few tables inside and out.

The well bleached furniture!  Who said we get no sunshine?

Facing the ladies is my favourite shop, it is The Silver Store, a small jewellery shop full of variety and surprise, a place I love to browse. From the very modern to the very old, and as they say the day you browse is the day you find treasure.  That was the day I found……

Sorry, my wrists are sore and you would hate to have me get RSI, now wouldn’t you?  Maybe by Tuesday I’ll be rested! 🙄