Daily Archives: July 28, 2009


You have all been very patient and at this stage I have caressed and played with Roger, discovering every hidden crevice.  I need to set him down to cool off for a little while.

I even used the camera to photograph him from every angle! 😉

You, remember I found him in Carrickfergus the other week.  As we ambled along I found this tree in Shaftsbury Park.

And so to Roger.

Small and unassuming, he holds many secrets!

Well, as Magpie hinted, all my recent gadgets have boys names.  Do you know what it is yet?

Not very big is he?  No he is not a Russian doll.

The first of his secrets.

For an idea of Roger’s age, look how thick the threads are.

And finally…

A tiny sewing kit with needles thread and thimble.

I am a needle woman afterall!