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Black & White

Bikehikebabe  has become a very regular visitor to the party here.  I love her effervescent sense of fun.  I am sure she has a devilish twinkle in her eyes.  She makes me smile with every visit and I am envious of her lovely skin.

She has no blog of her own, which is rather a shame, but then if she had a blog, all the good gems would not be shared among us.  Now, bhb is a paid up member of the ‘Hippy Club’, about 1 month post Op for hip replacement.  I will be anxious for her tips to help me when my turn comes.

Jean Cheerful Monk has given bikehikebabe a page all to herself on which she tells us that she is an:

Everyday housewife, 4 adult kids (2 male, 2 female), physicist husband, likes to hike, backpack, bike, dance (any kind), ski, snowshoe, ice skate (Don’t do kayaking anymore.). Has problem living with smart husband / feeling stupid, but living life as I intended. (Age 75)

What a wonderful spirit!

On the post Out to Lunch last saturday bhb asked if Magpie11 was an 11yearold bird!

Magpie 11 provided the answer with a link to his blog – must send the bill for a the advertising 🙄

Once again bhb was back with the following comment:

Thanks for the link that explains Magpie11.

When I was in Ireland many years ago, I noticed that the bird (Magpie) was black & white. (I was told that D.D.T. killed all the smaller birds.) So were all the cats & dogs, black & white. This was in the farmland area. Also the cows were all black & white. They give richer milk. I don’t ever remember seeing a black & white cow in the U.S.

I asked what’s the name of the white weed that was so prolific. (Queen Anne’s Lace—I forgot). The farmer said it’s called “White Weed”.

Are all the animals Black & White?  I know we have black or white sheep in this part of the country.

Now I have decided to throw open these serious questions for all of you out there in this fair green Isle to cast an eye over and share your vast knowledge right here on my blog.

Handy Hints for Wednesday ~ 38

Summer is the season of grass stains.  To remove grass stains from clothing, brush some white non gel toothpaste into the stain with an old soft toothbrush, then rinse and launder in the usual way.

With holiday time here once more, trips to the beach or the mountains for a picnic or hiking may be on the cards.  Pack a couple of bandannas.  They carry no weight but could prove very useful as facecloths, napkins, bandages or even as a sling for an injured arm.  Worn foreign-legion style under a baseball cap will save the back of the neck from sunburn.

If you intend going hiking, tell someone where you are going and ETR (estimated time of return).  Make sure your mobile/cell phone is charged, but allow for the loss of signal and bring a good whistle.  A brightly coloured t-shirt will make you easier to find in the case of emergency.

Timely reminder of ICE Numbers… You have forgotten the Podcast I made back in September ’06.  It is worth a listen it only takes two minutes and it might save your life!

How do you choose a lemon?  Feel the weight of it.  If it is heavy then there will be plenty of juice.  If your lemon is light and seems dry, then boil it for a few minutes and you will get more juice from it.

Right, I mentioned ice and lemon, I am off now to add them to my gin!  Cheers!