Handy Hints for Wednesday ~ 38

Summer is the season of grass stains.  To remove grass stains from clothing, brush some white non gel toothpaste into the stain with an old soft toothbrush, then rinse and launder in the usual way.

With holiday time here once more, trips to the beach or the mountains for a picnic or hiking may be on the cards.  Pack a couple of bandannas.  They carry no weight but could prove very useful as facecloths, napkins, bandages or even as a sling for an injured arm.  Worn foreign-legion style under a baseball cap will save the back of the neck from sunburn.

If you intend going hiking, tell someone where you are going and ETR (estimated time of return).  Make sure your mobile/cell phone is charged, but allow for the loss of signal and bring a good whistle.  A brightly coloured t-shirt will make you easier to find in the case of emergency.

Timely reminder of ICE Numbers… You have forgotten the Podcast I made back in September ’06.  It is worth a listen it only takes two minutes and it might save your life!

How do you choose a lemon?  Feel the weight of it.  If it is heavy then there will be plenty of juice.  If your lemon is light and seems dry, then boil it for a few minutes and you will get more juice from it.

Right, I mentioned ice and lemon, I am off now to add them to my gin!  Cheers!

11 thoughts on “Handy Hints for Wednesday ~ 38

  1. Nick

    I usually find grass stains come off with soap and water, maybe I’m just lucky. And I always take my mobile when I’m down in the Mournes, some of the peaks can be completely deserted so it’s no good relying on other people in an emergency.

  2. steph


    Make that 2 and I’ll join you for a post-brekkie G&T!

    btw I always pack a banana in my bag when out walking but I never tried one as a sling before 😉

  3. Grannymar Post author


    I thought you had enough cocktails already! 😉

    Next time you go walking, try carryingyour banana in your bandanna! 😀

  4. Magpie11

    Or a ten second blast in the microwave for the lemon. My mother used to roll them around under her hand on the table.

    Map, compass, whistle, energy snacks, bivouac etc etc etc….. or just stay at home 😉

    Does any one know why cyclists always carry bananas?

  5. Grannymar Post author


    Yipee! My turn to answer your question about cyclists and bananas! Well, not really me but you can find the answer here

    The whole trip makes very good reading, from the planning, preparation right through to the post-mortum! I hope Gary follows my advice

  6. steph


    I like Jerry Chicken’s explanation but I’ve the real answer…

    Bananas are full of potassium which helps prevent muscle cramp hence cyclists, tennis players etc. eat them when competing.

    I’m very low in potassium at the moment and have it infused in dilution by IV for EIGHT hours at a time. I’ve also been told to eat lots of bananas!

  7. Baino

    Dear GrannyMar

    I have a complaint. After buying a five litre container of vinegar I have found it very useful in cleaning my shower screen, ceramic fittings and even oddly ‘freshening’ my fridge (once the fish n chippy smell dissipates). However, it is a dismal failure in rendering my stainless steel sandwich press pristine. Why is it called Stainless Steel? Because it isn’t. Hot tip please. Oh Magpie is spot on with the lemon. If you have a recipe, it’s the best way to make the most of the juice and the oil out of the zest but watch your fingins cos it gets hot!

  8. Grannymar Post author

    @Steph – Gary’s explanation is more fun! 😉

    @Baino – You sound like Nancy today! 🙄 Where did you manage to buy the five litre container of vinegar? I have not been able to buy large containers like that for years. 🙁

    Try Bicarbonate of soda on a damp soft cloth to clean the stainless steel sandwich maker, making sure it is unplugged!. If it is satin finish follow the grain. Rinse the cloth and wipe clean to remove the bicarb. buff with a clean dry cloth.


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