Daily Archives: August 4, 2009

Along the Lagan…

I pulled off the road to get my bearings the other day.  I knew, or at least thought I knew where I was going.  The town had become a City since I was last there with new buildings and roads adding to my confusion.  The tiny car park I pulled into led me to a walk by the river Lagan.

With all these signs I was sure to sort myself out!

Lagan Valley Island Conference Centre was certainly a newbie to me.  I could see the water through the shrubbery so I walked a little to investigate. A minuscule slipway  had this surprise:

I knew I wanted to go a little further…

And one more…

I did find a few more surprises, but time and pain prevented me from going very far.  A little research when I came home tells me I have not touched the surface yet and need to return some time soon to explore further.  Davy Mac You nearly got a call to put the coffee pot on!

A Taster of some of the treats in store for another day:

A modern day Milestone, one of 1000 Mileposts funded by the Royal bank Of Scotland to mark the creation of the National Cycle Network.  Click on it for greater detail.

The friendly gentleman in the picture stopped for a chat, I suppose he wondered what I was up to with the camera.  He had no objection to his image appearing here, but alas I didn’t get his name.  He was on the way home to his good lady wife of over 50 years and looking forward to the meal she would serve up to him.  I reminded him of how lucky he was and told him to give her an extra squeeze today.

“After 50 odd years?” he queried.  “And why not” I said, adding “I am sure you still love her!”  He told me he did.

Why do people let hugs and squeezes fade as the years roll on?  Go give your spouse a hug and a great big squeeze right now!  If they look quizzically at you, it is your own fault; but you can tell them I reminded you! 🙄