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Modern Journalism

These LCB@5 come round very fast….. is it really a week since our last confession topic.  Remember to visit Conrad, Ashok and Ramana for their take on the topic chosen today by Conrad:

Owl Quail Chick Hand Vulture Mouth Water

Cobra Quail Chick Mouth Water Arm Lion Reed Leaf Folded Cloth Owl

*Should translate to:

Modern Journalism

No doubt the boys will begin their Anthologies with Cave paintings and how they were the beginnings of Journalism.  So while they sculpt and paint with words…. I’ll give you a picture. Well they (whoever THEY are), say a picture paints a thousand words and sells newspapers and magazines! 🙄

Neolithic cave paintings found in Tassil-n-Ajjer (Plateau of the Chasms) region of the Sahara**.  Ancient cave paintings were often produced using the blood of animals killed for food.  We have moved on since then.

Have we really moved on?

Hoarding covered with graffiti on the Falls Road in West Belfast, above and below. Some people call it Street Art; but no matter what you call it, a message is given, therefore it it is a form of modern journalism.

In an article for Journalism.co.uk some years ago, Veteran Indian reporter Palagummi Sainath once branded modern journalism “mindless notetaking” in a speech to Canadian students.  “In my view, the bulk of what is happening in the press these days is stenography,” he told journalism students at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

In Ireland, there have been occasions where blog post articles have literally been cut, pasted and used by journalists without reference or regard to the original author.  That is not journalism.  It is lazy working and theft.  With both Radio and TV these days news is dumbed down and dispensed in Sound-bites.  News items reduced to one or two sentences repeated at least every half hour.  Soon they will be as short as Twitter messages – 140 characters or less.

This reminds me…  Twitter can prove of benefit with breaking news.  On the day a US Airways plane with 155 people on board ditched into a chilly Hudson River, we heard about it in Ireland and had pictures on Twitter, before it hit any of the news networks on either side of the pond.

To finish…….

Journalism of a different ilk!





* Online Hieroglyphic Translation of… Modern Journalism:

** Neolithic cave paintings