Handy Hints for Wednesday ~ 40

Forty weeks down the line… long enough to produce twins! 🙄  Today there is a little suprise in store.  I have a date with some Toyboys so while I am playing, I am letting you do all the work.

Now you have the chance to come up with 5 handy hints….. just like that!  😆

I am thinking of a change of topic for a Wednesday.  The household hints have run their course.

16 thoughts on “Handy Hints for Wednesday ~ 40

  1. Maynard

    “Crushed cockroaches, when applied to a stinging wound, are said to ease the pain.”

    So catch and save your cockroaches! It’s the smart thing to do!

  2. Nancy

    How about a book club? Everybody likes to read and most appreciate a recommendation from someone who has already read and enjoyed a book….

    It could go something like this.

    I recently read a book called “Snow Falling On Cedars”. the author is David Guterson and it was written in 1995 so it is probably available in most libraries to borrow.

    It is about the unfortunate decision by the United States Government shortly after Pearl Harbor to intern people of Japanese descent. Believe it or not, quite a bit of the book is a love story mixed in with political decisions.

    I think you will enjoy this book….

  3. Magpie11

    Rum…exchange one of them for a right hand!

    Handy hints…mm! could have done with a warning about that one….

    Somewhere we had a whole book about Vinegar. I’ve just remembered it!

    Back to thinking about handy hints…. Sherry Vinegar ..I knew Steph had missed something from her list…..

    I need a hint on how to get rid of or discourage vinegar flies…aka fruit flies or Drosophila spp. I’ve tried everything I can think of.

    They are a government sponsored pest. We have to recycle our garden and kitchen waste and the Brown Bins attract them like nobody’s business! Then they get indoors..the only on in our house that likes them is the kitten who tries to catch them.

  4. Jean Browman--Cheerful Monk

    About books…I just finished Karen Armstrong’s Through the Narrow Gate about her 7 years as a nun, and I’m now reading The Spiral Staircase about her adjustment to secular life. She became a nun when she was still 17, which is a lot older than kids who go to the Koran schools. It makes you realize how even intelligent people could give their lives to their version of God.

    She’s a respected scholar on religious issues now so it’s interesting to read about her life. No wonder her books have such great depth.

  5. Anne Kelly

    MP, is this you? Get in touch! I’m new to this though (rebecca typing this) so it might take me a while to respond!

  6. Brighid

    Not sure you will ever lose your Vinegar.
    Currently reading the directions on how to install an outdoor light, build a hen house, Taber’s 21, study guides for a mentally challanged senior citizen, medical terminology….
    I’d rather take the vinegar.

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Morning Campers!

    I have returned to playground duty following a very busy day…. more anon. Now for the Roll call…..

    @Steph – You forgot one! 👿

    @Nelly – Agony Aunt? Nah! Grandad tried that but it didn’t last.

    @Maynard – I think St Patrick banished cockroaches with the snakes from Ireland! It was a long time ago and I can’t remember! 😆

    @Nancy – Several serious readers do the book reviews already. Anyway it takes me a year to read a chapter, never mind a full book! 🙁

    @WWW – I think I showed the skiens before – Sari silk thread.

    @Ramana – Left hands are all right!

    @Magpie – Move the bin! 😉

    @Jean – Thanks for the book review.

    @Baino – It was a tiring day.

    @Anne Kelly – Welcome to the circus! If you are looking for a Member of Parliament or Military Police, you are in the wrong place. As it happens I do know an Anne Kelly with a daughter called Rebecca and a son called Thomas.

    @Brighid – A change, they say is as good as a rest. Anyone know who ‘They’ are?


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