I’m busy with my exercises…

So I am going to let you do some work today…

Five simple questions.

  1. How do you unwind?
  2. Who do you sing along to?
  3. Favourite food?
  4. Most treasured possession?
  5. Closest moment to death?

Huh?  You want me to answer them first?    Wellllll!  Ok then.

How do you unwind?With a corkscrew!

Who do you sing along to? – Kiri Te Kanawa (in my dreams!)

Favourite food? – A meal in front of me!

Most treasured possession? – My memories.

Closest moment to death? – The last one! 😉

14 thoughts on “I’m busy with my exercises…

  1. Nick

    How do I unwind? – Music and walking
    Who do I sing along to? – Fiona Apple, Sheryl Crow, Annie Lennox
    Favourite food – Dozens. Sweet and sour tofu is one
    Most treasured possession – Good health
    Closest moment to death – Quite a few. E.g. when the chimney collapsed at my parents’ house a few seconds after I walked past it

  2. chrisb

    Unwind=probably blogging
    Singalong= not a lot I have a terrible non-tuneful voice 🙁
    Fave food=anything cooked by someone else
    Treasured possessions=photos and memories; drawings and cards made by my daughters and grandchildren.
    Closest to death=I’ve blocked that one out!

  3. steph

    How do you unwind? – A walk by the sea
    Who do you sing along to? – I whistle to many tunes
    Favourite food? – Definitely seafood and salad
    Most treasured possession? – Life
    Closest moment to death? – Do I really have to choose?

    Now get back to your exercises, Grannymar 😈

  4. Magpie11

    1. How do you unwind? Self hypnosis or a good read
    2. Who do you sing along to? Me? Sing?
    3. Favourite food? Hard to say but I could give you a list of food I cannot abide.
    4. Most treasured possession? The ability to appreciate beauty
    5. Closest moment to death? Not up for discussion

  5. Maynard

    !) no time to Answer
    2 ) ” ” ” ”
    3) ” ” ” ”
    4) ” ” ” ”
    5) ” ” ” ”

    I must go help my daughter and so-in-law with their nursery!
    MY best daughter—Jessica
    My best son—-Tyler
    MY best cat—Kunta Kinte

  6. Kate

    How do you unwind? – Cooking or an hour in my hot tub (or both) but not a the same time!
    Who do you sing along to? – Dr Hook, The Beatles, The Carpenters
    Favourite food? – There are too many to choose
    Most treasured possession? – happiness
    Closest moment to death? – just managing to stop 6 feet away from a pile up on the motorway AND the car behind didn’t hit me either!

  7. Rumuuser

    1. How do you unwind? Let go, like a fishing line when the fish is running.
    2. Who do you sing along to? Me? Pandit Bhimsen Joshi
    3. Favourite food? Green Salad without any dressing.
    4. Most treasured possession? None.
    5. Closest moment to death? When my wife passed away in my arms.

  8. Darlene

    How do I unwind? By turning the opposite direction from the one that wound me up.

    What do I sing along to? Show tunes by Cole Porter

    Favorite food? Pecan pie and anything with loads of calories. (Can’t you tell?)

    Most treasured possession? Today.

    Closest moment to death? When I was pronounced as only having 6 months to live by a doctor. Since I was ten years old at the time and am now 84 I guess it’s safe to ignore his diagnosis.

  9. Rhyleysgranny

    1. How do you unwind?
    Sitting here reading you Grannymar

    2. Who do you sing along to?
    opera, sixties/seventies

    3. Favourite food?
    If you cook I’ll eat 🙂

    4. Most treasured possession?
    My children and my grandchildren although i don’t know if you could call them possessions but you know what I mean.

    5. Closest moment to death?
    Once through illness and again in a very nasty car crash. I’m still here but I ponder is it going to be third time lucky for the grim reaper or me with a cat’s nine lives;)

  10. Maz

    How do I unwind? – By driving home from work on fridays or crocheting granny squares.
    Who do I sing along to? – At the moment, Credence Clearwater Revival
    Favourite food – Cheese, cold meats, olives and a nice red wine.
    Most treasured possession – My Macbook and my engagement ring (both gifts from my soon-to-be husband)
    Closest moment to death – none, thankfully 🙂

  11. Kirk M

    Okay, just because you asked (pretty boring actually):

    1. How do you unwind? Depends on how I’m feeling at the time.

    2. Who do you sing along to? Any tune that happens to roving around my brain at the time.

    3. Favourite food? See #1

    4. Most treasured possession? Life (because it’s fleeting)

    5. Closest moment to death? Several. But how would I know? 😉

  12. Grannymar Post author

    Morning everyone!

    Thank you one and all for playing along with my game. I had a very busy day with visitors yesterday so had little time to peep round the corner to my blog.

    Back to normal today.

  13. Baino

    Haha . well I unwind with a screw top chardy
    I’m not much of a singalonger but Twinkle Twinkle Little Star pops into my head when I make the bed . . go figure?
    Favourite food, anything from the see with a shell
    Most treasured possession . . .my health
    Closest moment to death . . .never been close although I drive a car every day so I guess . . .


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