A 4 Letter Word

The world is full of 4 letter words.

Do visit Conrad, Ashok, Ramana , our regulars, and Magpie 11 who is joining the Loose Blogging Consortium for the first time, to see how they approach the topic for today.  It was Ramana’s turn to set the challenge and his subject for deliberation is:-


◦Audra McDonald–Love Changes Everything from Aspect of Love
◦Marin Mazzie–Unexpected Song from Song & Dance
◦Judy Kuhn–I Don`t Know How To Love Him from Jesus Christ Superstar

A live concert at Carnegie Hall filmed in September 1998, under the baton of musical director Paul Gemignani, the American Theatre Orchestra


Love is such a small word.

It trips easily off the tongue, so easily. I’d love a cup of coffee/G&T/bar of Chocolate/a new dress. I love Jazz/ that song/film. Alas many confuse it with another four letter word – They say I love you, when in fact what they actually feel is lust.

Love is life changing, breath taking and heart stompingly wonderful. It can also be painful, heart wrenching or unrequited. True love is not self-seeking, angry, or rude; it is patient, kind, trusting and protective. It endures.

I could write reams on our topic for today but so much of it I have covered before, right here on my Blog.  Finding love was mentioned in a Podcast, as was my giving it away, the speech I made at Elly’s wedding, the latter was recorded when I returned home, for those unable to attend on the special day.

The one love story I want to guide you to is here.  It certainly told of a special love.  Bring a tissue!


Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction ˜ Antoine de Saint – Exupery


Love cures people, the ones who give it and the ones who receive it. ~ Dr. Karl A. Menninger

UPDATEMarianna is now mended and ready to play… another interesting angle on our topic for you to enjoy.

17 thoughts on “A 4 Letter Word

  1. Ashok

    You always have a way of expressing your thoughts in such precise and simple terms. It always makes it so easy to understand. Thats something I deeply admire. As always, a wonderful job.

  2. Rumuuser

    It was worth going through the two podcasts, the post on the special love and the fantastic video music.

    What can I say? Excellent work Grannymar. I wish that I had been your reader for longer than I have been.

  3. Nancy

    Dear dear Grannymar,

    You certainly do have the “touch”. I enjoyed all the links you gave us to read and listen to.

    I was with you all over again when you met Jack in Spain. I remember how I loved that story. Special!

    And, Marcia and Nora’s stories. More tissues required, but love fills your heart when you read about these two wonderful women.

    Thank you,GM, for being such a wonderful storyteller and for sharing all of your talents with us….

  4. bikehikebabe

    At my father’s funeral a psychiatrist (head of Dept. at Princeton, if that makes you believe it more,) told me that children survive war, famine, etc. but not if they don’t get LOVE.

  5. Conrad

    Grannymar, you always amaze me. And you produce pieces that I need to visit more than once to more fully absorb.

    Your blog, as a reflection of your understanding of life, as a result of experiencing life, really does amount to quite an offering of love in and of itself. It is no surprise, given your ability to express feelings with words, that you would be able to bring us such a gift on this topic.

    Thank you!

  6. Jean Browman--Cheerful Monk

    Thank you. I especially loved hearing about how you met Jack. Rummuser quoted Bill Cosby: “I am certainly not an authority on love because there are no authorities on love, just those who’ve had luck with it, and those who haven’t.” It sounds as if you were one of the lucky ones. I just wish your time with Jack could have been longer.

  7. Maynard

    I was at a funnel today for a dear friend, and a lot of “love” for this person was shared today. Thank you Grannynar for your sincere expression and description of love in this post!

  8. Grannymar Post author

    @Ashok – I am a simple person and say things the only way I can…. from my heart.

    @Ramana – The early ones were very bad value! 🙄

    @Nancy – One of these days I expect Roy to send me the bill for tissues! 😆

    @BHB – LOVE is the best gift we can give a child.

    @Conrad – One of these days I might learn how to type in English! 🙄

    @Magpie – Special offer tonight… 3 songs for the price of one! 😀

    @Jean – I was indeed fortunate to know the love of a good man. Every minute was special.

    @Maynard – My sympathy on the loss of your friend. You know Maynard, I like the idea of a funnel, it sounds much more fun than a funeral!

  9. Nick

    I think you’re being a bit cynical saying many people confuse love with lust. I think most people know the difference between the two. Certainly the emphasis on sex and sexiness in the media gives the impression that’s all that anybody thinks about, but then the media gives a very distorted picture of real life.

  10. Grannymar Post author

    @Nick – Unfortunately I have come across more than a few in my time, many hours were spent listening and mopping up tears. The media are not a great help and in years gone by, neither were the churches.

    @Baino – Both you and I know that!

  11. Marianna Paulson

    Thanks for the love quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupery. One more addition to “What is Love.” – cooperation.

    Was wondering if, at times, LCB’ers would be on the same wave-length. Noticed it happened with yours & mine with the musical interlude and also with you and Ramana with how we bandy the word “love” about.

  12. Grannymar Post author


    We LCB’ers are like life’s traffic. We approach from different routes to reach the same crossroad.

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