Today I reach Post No. 1,000.

I have been plodding away at this blogging lark for almost three years now. On two occasions during that time I almost stopped, like the grandfather clock, never to go again.  Once, not that long ago, I had even written a final closing post.  I saved it in draft form and slept on it for a night, knowing that if I had hit the publish button, the stubborn mule in me would not let me change my mind.  Two days later I deleted it.

Some days it is a struggle to find a crumb of inspiration, yet on others, ideas come tumbling forth as quickly as the weeds grow.  It is a rare day that there are no comments, a fact that constantly amazes me.

A question hangs over my head like a migraine.  How and why?  Maybe there are actually two questions and not one, so I will ask them again.

HOW and WHY did you find or manage to end up here in the land of Grannymar?

I know that at the very beginning Elly did plenty of plugging and pushing to get me the sympathy visitors.  Some were weaned off, but most lurk about in the background adding their tuppenceworth when the mood or topic catches their interest.  It is the people who have since trundled along from places far and wide that I am curious about.

Please don’t misunderstand me.  I am not looking for platitudes of praise.  I don’t want them!  I am actually trying to understand ME – myself, and what works and what doesn’t.  When I set days for particular topics it was great, I only needed to dip inside my head and pull out a recipe or a handful of handy hints that I learned at my mother’s side.  The barrel of tips and hints is almost empty and my days of entertaining seem few and far between so the experimenting with recipes somehow lost its gloss when cooking for one.  No need to worry, I do cook everyday and eat a good mixed diet.  Dishes for two, four or indeed six are still made at times, a plateful eaten when freshly cooked and the remainder portioned for the freezer.  That way I usually have a decent easy meal for days when the energy is low.  I never understood people who do not cook because they live alone.  It is the shortest road to depression and ill health.

So without further ado, let the singing begin, after all you can’t have a party without a song in your heart. While writing these words I heard ‘Jewellio the Glazier’ 😉 singing his little heart out about ‘all the girls he loved before’ (the greedy so-and-so!), and it inspired me to pen these words….

To All the friends I’ve made this way,
Who travelled here, I hope you’ll stay
I’m glad you came along
I dedicate this song
To All the friends I’ve met each day!

To all the friends I have addressed
And may I say you are the best
For helping me to grow
I owe a lot I know
To All the friends I’ve made this way

The winds of change are always blowing
And every time I try to stray
The comment box continues filling
Then I know I want to stay

To all of you who share my life
You keep me cool and save me strife
I’m glad you came along
I dedicate this song
To All the friends I’ve made each day

To all of you who cared for me
Who comment here so free-el-y
You live within my heart
I’ll always make you part
Of all the fun you share with me

The winds of change are always blowing
And every time I try to stray
The comment box continues filling
Then I know I want to stay

To All my friends you’ve made my day,
You travelled here, I hope you’ll stay
I’m glad you came along
I dedicate this song
To All the friends I’ve met each day!

To All my friends you’ve made my day,
You travelled here, I hope you’ll stay
I’m glad you came along
I dedicate this song
To All the friends I’ve met today!

Thank you, everyone!

44 thoughts on “1,000

  1. Rhyleysgranny

    Congratulations on reaching you 1000th post. Quite a land mark. I am a recent visitor to your blog. I found you through a forum which is a cooking forum but one of the girls posted your blog thinking I would be interested as ,her words, ‘I think she is one of your country women’. I have been a visitor ever since.


    I have been pondering this over my morning cuppa while I wait for my grandchildren to waken.

    Your articles are short sharp and always of interest. There is a broad diversity of topics.
    More than that what shines through is a woman who is intelligent, warm, has a huge sense of fun and has great interest in the world around her.
    Your blog is compelling reading. When I switch on my pooter I always wonder what Grannymar has to say today.
    You are always up early. Is it pain that gets you out of bed?


    I would miss your daily chat with my cuppa 🙂

  2. steph

    Oh, no! Grannymar has passed out on those grapes…

    Her glass is always half-full 🙄

    Sure, where would be without our daily dose of Grannymar? 🙁

    Now stop slacking, Grannymar!

    I’m waiting for post no. 1001 😆

  3. Geri Atric

    Your 1000th post? Congratulations grannymar!!!

    I enjoy your blog so much – and what is a blog after all but an outlet for all aspects of the writers personality and character.

    But ref. that stubborn mule part of you (!) Writing as you do every day is wonderful for us, your blog followers and friends (thank you) but running on empty – however temporary – well… I’m sure we’d all much rather have our Grannymar take a well earned blog break now and then, than see you stop forever!

    Take care of yourself GM. and cheers (raising my coffee cup) to your blogging milestone! xx

    P.S. Can’t remember how I found you (drat this memory) – but suspect it was while trawling around Head Rambles that I tripped over grandad’s foot and landed in here. Yes, that seems about right. I think grandad mistook me for a Dutch tourist…grr! (He’s a fierce one for the tourists).

  4. Nick

    Congratulations on number 1000. You may have been blogging for three years but clearly inspiration and interesting posts are not lacking. May the inspiration long continue!

  5. Magpie11

    1,000…Well done!

    I remember how I came to you…I had searched for a saying that my grandmother used to use… and this being a place where such obscurities are aired from time to time it was the only result!
    The rest is hysteria.

  6. Maz

    Congratulations Grannymar, I always enjoy your posts and I have to say that I love the themed days. Handy hints was a favourite of mine and Food Monday is always an inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  7. Kate

    Happy 1000th!!!

    How and why am I here?

    Well like Geri I probably landed here via Grandad but your twitter posts used to make me laugh so much too! Sadly I don’t tweet anymore -I think it was all a bit much for me!!

    Also – we are of the same generation – it makes it all so much more interesting!!!

    Don’t stop Grannymar!!! x

  8. cathy

    Happy 1000th post, Grannymar! I can’t remember how I found your blog, probably going from link to link, and I probably liked the name. I stayed because I like the honesty in your blog, no fuss, no airs, just good stories. I don’t comment much, but I read every single entry in my reader…so, waiting for 1001…

  9. Grandad

    A Kilopost? Congratulations!! Don’t let the celebrations get too out of hand though. Remember the three nights in the cells after the last one?


  10. Grannymar Post author

    @Rhyleysgranny – I am smiling at the idea of a mention on a food forum. I am not really a Food Blogger. I learned to cook at a very early age when my mother was ill. I would go up and down the stairs a 100 times to know things like “Should it look like (whatever)?” or “What do I do next?” With my mother, father, four brothers and a sister to feed it was good grounding. It was all slow cooked in the days before fast food.

    @Steph – I was taking a few hours off, after 1,000 posts my fingers needed a rest.

    @Geri – Inspiration often comes from other blogs I visit.

    @Nick – I will do my best to continue.

    @Magpie – ‘The rest is hysteria.’ I love it! 😆

    @Maz – The handy hints had run their course, but I think you will enjoy the crafts.

    @Kate – I too have let Twitter slide. One of these days I must get back to it.

    @Cathy – I think you found me when you were doing research. Meeting you in person was a special pleasure.

    @Phoenix – I asm amazed I lasted this long.

    @Grandad – Welcome back, it has been a long time. You must have passed that milestone a long time ago.

  11. Rumuuser

    Grannymar, congratulations on your grand achievement. Narcissists they say, look at the mirror first thing after they wake up every day. Every time I boot up the computer, the first thing I do is to visit your blog. It is my waking up tonic as it were.

    I suspect that all of us bloggers are trying to find ourselves in our blogging. I can relate to your comment on that.

    That is a lovely poem that you have written and I thank you in return for being the blogger you are.

    Keep blogging.

    It was WWW who wrote this:

    May you have warm words
    on a cold evening,
    A full moon on a dark night,
    And the road downhill
    all the way to your door. From WebWiseWoman.

    Lán grá

  12. George@CulinaryTravels

    This is my first visit to your blog, I found you via Rhyleysgranny’s blog and I have to say it looks fabulous.

    Congrats on your 1000th post. I’m adding you to my blogroll and will be back again soon 🙂

  13. Nancy

    Hello Grannymar,

    Congratulations on your 1,000th Post. I think I have read and commented on about 950 of them over the three years.

    I never miss your posts because when you are serious you are intelligent and concise; when you are funny, your wit and good humor always makes me smile ,and when you just post a cartoon or short joke I say to myself,”Oh, good, Grannymar is taking a well deserved rest today.”

    Here’s to 1,000 more….Oh, I forgot ! I think you know how I found you…..

  14. stwidgie

    Grannymar, congratulations on your thousandth post. You inspire me to keep my own blog going, even if it suffers dry spells when I am too busy at work to take (really only just) five minutes to add a post. (And yes, I am reconsidering the font/background as I am starting to find it difficult to read myself.)

    Thank you for sharing yourself with us so constantly. I appreciate what you do.

    Blessings upon you, Grannymar!

  15. Grannymar Post author

    @Ramana – I am glad you can’t see me first thing in the morning! Not a pretty sight. 😆

    @George – Welcome to the party. I like the look of your recipes and hope to learn something from them. Good luck with the book.

    @Nancy – A loyal follower from the very early days, I appreciate your regular contribution to the conversations. I too, remember how we met… long , long before we ever heard of blogging.

    @stwidgie – Please keep going, so many Irish bloggers seem to be in hibernation at the moment. I am delighted to hear about the new look, it will give you encouragement to blog more often.

  16. Lily

    No you can’t consider retirement. It wouldn’t suit you or us your readers!

    Remember ‘Rest if you must but don’t quit’.

    Congratulations on reaching 1,000. Here’s to 5 digits maybe …

    I have found an answer for the ‘days it is a struggle to find a crumb of inspiration’, I will post it shortly.

  17. chrisb

    Congratulation on your 1,000th post. I too am coming up to 3 years in Sept.
    Do you know I can’t remember how I found you, but I always enjoy your posts, so I’m glad you didn’t give up.

  18. Grannymar Post author

    @Lily – I look forward to the post.

    @Chrisb – I knew we started about the same time. Where have the years gone.

    @Robert – Thanks Robert.

  19. Baino

    I thought you’d been blogging a lot longer than that actually. I can’t remember how I found you, through Headrambles I think. But I’m very glad I did. Congratulations . . that’s quite a milestone. I’m up to 991 and I bet I forget to commemorate 1000

  20. helen

    congrats on 1000 posts 🙂
    I found you via the Irish Blog Awards nominations – I figured dipping into all the nominated blogs was more fun than trying to tackle the Booker nominations 😉
    been a regular reader ever since, please keep it up!

  21. Grannymar Post author

    @Baino – It will be three years at the end of September. Keep a count on your posts and mark off the day.

    @Helen M – Welcome to the party. Do you blog? If so where? I hope you come back soon and take part in the ongoing conversations.

  22. wisewebwoman

    A 1000 Grannymars would not be enough. Keep blogging my friend, you are a wonderful, heartfelt voice. We blog because as Ray Bradbury says:
    “We jump off cliffs all the time, and build our wings on the way down”.
    I really like your cliff, GM.

  23. Jefferson Davis

    Congrats Grannmar. Your post are inspiring and illuminating on a daily basis. Your warm and caring attributes come out in every post. I reckon that’s why we find ourselves here everyday.

    If I remember correctly, I think that wily character, Jett Loe, introduced your blog to me and others on his podcast. It was either that or Grandad. I can’t say for certain. 🙂

    Lán ghrá

  24. Grannymar Post author

    @WWW – I need strong wings (comments) to take me to dry land.

    @JD – Where is Jett Loe these days? Has anyone heard from him?

    @BHB – Everyone joining in make the party swing.

    @Annb – See my comment to BHB

  25. Brighid

    OMG, what an interesting journey you’ve had to 1,000. There is much still to do, so don’t be slacking now.
    I’ve grown because of your blog, and your comments on others, Thank You.
    Believe I found you thru Nellie’s blog.

  26. Sam

    I have absolutely no idea how I ended up in the land of Grannymar and although I may not comment often, I do read every post and look forward to each one!!

  27. Ursula

    Grannymar, self doubt is human nature. Don’t indulge in it: You clearly give both yourself and your readership pleasure. If ever an achievement.

    Thanks to the rarely fatigued le craic himself (and your comments on his blog) I came across you. And yes, quite selfishly, we all need at least one Irish in the tonic of life!


  28. patty

    don’t remember how i found your blog, but enjoy reading it everyday, you always have something to say even when you think you don’t. your blog was one of the first ones i started reading and helped me make the decision to blog my self.

  29. Grannymar Post author

    Ursula – My mention in this post of my ‘doubts’ about continuing was to perhaps help others who at times feel the same way. The interesting thing is the number of lurkers it brought to daylight. I hope they like the daylight and visit again and join in the fun.

    Patty – I am pleased you find something of interest here. Do join in the fun. Since you didn’t add your correct URL I am unable to link back to you, or visit your blog. 🙁 Perhaps one of the dots is in the wrong place!

  30. Alice

    A thousand posts!? Impressive. I’m not sure I’ll last that long, but there’s something compelling me to go on, I’m just not sure what it is. I’ve felt all the things you described, and almost quit once only I called it something else other than a killpost. I think I lasted about a week.

    I’m glad I found you. I can tell by your writing that you’re one class act! It was Headrambles who led me to you though I don’t remember how I found him. I was just beginning to read blogs then and I loved his acid and very raunchy tongue–even used a fake name to comment: Hoofhearted. After a race horse. (If you don’t get it, say it 5 times over and over.) I think it was an audio of yours telling a story about Elly that hooked me. Thereabouts was when I decided to come clean and sign my real name.

  31. Grannymar Post author

    Alice – ‘Hoofhearted’ is fun, but I am glad you felt able to be yourself on my blog. One of these days I might try a podcast… if I can remember how to do it.

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