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Food Monday ~ Mango Soufflé A la Ramana

On Friday Morning I playfully reproduced a photo of a ‘Loose’ Mango.  I am a little devious at times you know! 👿  It was in fact a tease for two reasons: a reminder of the Bloggers Consortium at 5pm that day, and a trap to see how well ‘yer man‘ can cook!  He fell for it hook line and sinker with the following comment:

Loose, tight, soft, hard, raw, ripe, dried, pickled or whatever, in whatever form, give me mangoes.

Naturally, I couldn’t let that one pass so I demanded he put his money where his mouth was, and share a recipe for Mangoes.  I reproduce the email in full, because it is sure to introduce discussion, I know I had to avail of ‘Google Images’ for one of the fruits mentioned.

This is the best that I could come up with using ripe mangoes. You can call it a Mango soufflé.  A la Ramana if you insist!  You can use any pulpy fruit in season for this sweet dish. Guavas, Sapotas and Custard Apples, particularly come out well.  You can add powdered cardamom to give it a tangy flavour.

I have eaten Guavas, tasted Custard Apples once, but never heard of Sapotas.  So without further ado I give you…

Mango Soufflé A la Ramana

You will require:
½ cup mango – sliced
½ cup mango –  blended in a blender
sugar to taste
3 eggs – (I prefer free range)
2 tsp gelatin – soak for some time in a little water.
¾ cup cream

What to do:

Separate the egg whites and yolks
Add the puree and separated yolk to the sugar, whisk and cook over a pan of boiling water till the sugar completely gets absorbed.
To some hot water, add the gelatin and add it to the yolk puree mix and let it cool
Whip the cream and add it to the mixture and place the sliced mango into it
Whip the egg whites and mix it with the above mixture
Freeze for a couple of hours.

When serving, decorate with cream lines and sultanas/ sliced almonds.  (If I have some fresh mint leaves, I just place a few on top as well. Mint leaves assist in digesting the meal which would have preceded this!)


Thank you Ramana.  Alas, I will be unable to try it because of the cream, but I am sure the many followers of this spot will indulge and enjoy.

Ramana, not satisfied with providing one recipe, he pestered requested his sister Padmini, an Editor/Co-author for some prize/award winning cookery books to sent three recipes for raw mango using dishes that are very popular with South Indians during the mango season, which is during their summer months of April to June.  So watch this space; there will be more mango recipes in the future.

NOTE: For any pregnant ladies out there, the egg whites are uncooked.  I never know whether it is the egg yolk or the whites that you have to watch out for!