I missed the boat

I heard on the radio this morning about a book for SALE at John Lewis.

It is actually a booklet of wartime handy hints updated for these days of Recession!

I missed the boat.  The invoices are on their way… You all owe me money 😉  Yipee!  I can now look forward to my final days in the glorious comfort of  ‘Acorn House’, ‘The Hollies’, ‘The Pines’,or ‘TLC’!   Yes, there is a home in Dublin called TLC (Tender Loving Care), if I went there my sister might come to visit.

Now if the book is not enough John Lewis are holding classes

Classes now available

All of these skills, and more, will be taught or honed in our Make Do And Mend classes happening at selected John Lewis shops throughout late September and October.

Those wishing to join are asked to bring along old clothes they’d like revamped, favourite jumpers that need a little bit of TLC and bags or accessories that simply need updating. Classes will be based around “fashion fixes” to help rescue, repair or reinvent well worn favourites. Advice will include sewing on buttons, darning cashmere and using patches and motifs to revive clothes.

Classes are free to attend* and will last 2 hours.

*Attendees will be charged for materials used

Anyone know of a Cruise Line looking for someone to give a couple of classes a week? 🙄

12 thoughts on “I missed the boat

  1. Baino

    I don’t know John Lewis, is it a department store. Sounds like a good initiative if it is. And GM, you could be RUNNING those shindigs with your sewing skills! I’m THIS close to buying a sewing machine. I’m sick of cheap Chinese imports posing as designer wear. Everything here is made in China and grossly overpriced considering what the original seamstresses endure. . bring it on!

  2. Kate

    I’ve got a sewing machine – but still I cannot sew!! How ridiculous is that?!!!
    Grannymar – I still have all my Mum’s little books on how to make do and mend!! I could join you on the cruise ship!!!

    “Carry your bags Ma’am?”

  3. Ian

    Do you remember back in the 80s there was a TV programme called ‘Bazaar’ or something like that which was full of stuff for making the most of what you have?

    There was a big move in Christian circles for a while in the late70s/early 80s there was a book called ‘Living More Simply’. Then the American evangelists with their prosperity theology took hold.

  4. bikehikebabe

    I do this sort of thing all the time. Mend, re-style , make clothes to fit. Does John Lewis need more teachers?

  5. Nancy

    Dear Grannymar,

    Bless you for telling us about this mending opportunity.

    A few years ago I bought “Day of the Week” knickers and one or two pairs require some work.

    Tuesday needs new elastic around the waist. I am housebound on Tuesdays due to this;as I cannot leave my home for fear of having to clutch my panties to keep them from falling over my shoes..

    Now Fridays are a different case. These knicks are
    too tight. That is because Thursday is Spaghetti and beer night and I usually put on a pound or two at the Knights of Columbus hall where we eat pasta,drink beer and play bingo.(About the Bingo: We call out the numbers in Latin so only Catholics can win).

    But, you see, GM I have to stay in the house until Saturday because Fridays knicks don’t fit.

    So, when do the classes start? I will bring my panties and when they are fixed I will be able to go out every day of the week…..

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Baino – John Lewis is a major UK Department Store. Good luck with the sewing machine.

    Kate – My father had agencies for fabrics when I was young. I loved looking at them and would say 2I’d love a dress in this… or that!” He would say that if I would sew he could provide the fabric. I said I would sew if I had a machine. The day I left school at 18 years of age I got my Brother straight stitch sewing machine, it cost £24. I made everything from shift dresses to suits and an overcoat! I even replaced zips in a tent!

    Ian – I think I remember that one. My problem is that most of the people who shout loudest, seldom live by example.

    Steph – I did indeed.

    Magpie 11 – I wonder whose gift I was?

    BHB – We should start a class! ;D

    Nancy – When I was young…. If a girl was asked out on a date and didn’t like the guy, the excuse she used was she had to wash her hair! I aj glad I didn’t have your Tuesday or Friday problems! 🙄

    Darlene – You are not alone in asking that question!

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Jean – teaching would eat into blogging time!.

    Steph – Do you think that Nancy should come with a health warning? 😉


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