Reading Dogs

Did you know that Dogs in Carrickfergus could read?




24 thoughts on “Reading Dogs

  1. Nick

    Oh, they can read all right. But they also read those doggie self-help manuals which say you shouldn’t let humans control you too much. Which explains the state of some pavements.

  2. K8

    Equal opportunities signs – excellent.

    Like the one on the fence in the field near here reads: COWS – PLEASE SHUT GATE

    Pity they don’t have the opposable thumbs necessary to work the bolt.

  3. ha ha

    I had my friends kids in park locally a few weeks ago but similar pic was up and the 6 year old said that dogs were not allowed in park or their tails would be set on fire! ha ha.

  4. Nancy


    My friend has a dog named Charlie. One day he and Charlie walked into a bar and my friend said, “I’ll have a Scotch on the rocks and give my dog a beer.”

    The barman said,”We don’t serve dogs here.”

    My friend said, ” This is no ordinary dog. This is Charlie. He can read and write.” So, the barman served the dog a beer.

    Then my friend wanted to use the men’s room and asked the barman to watch the dog while he was away. After my friend left the barman thought,”I wonder how smart this dog really is. So he gave the dog a Dollar bill and told him to go get him a paper. The dog ran out of the bar .

    My friend came back and said,”Where’s my dog? Where’s Charlie?” The barman told him he had sent the dog out to buy him a newspaper.

    My friend said, “You shouldn’t have done that. Charlie doesn’t know this neighborhood. Now I have to go out and find him.”

    So he went out and when he looked up the alley there was Charlie and a female dog making love.

    My friend called,”Charlie, come over here. What’s got into you ? I never saw you act like this before.”

    Charlie says,’ I NEVER HAD THE MONEY BEFORE”

  5. Ursula

    Grannymar, even if dogs could read – and they might , what do we know – why would they take a blind bit of notice?

    In fact, come to think of it, there might be a gap in the market: Forget about ‘pooper scoopers’; strap your dog into a disposable nappy instead.

    What goes in will come out – even without prunes. One of the reasons my son, when little and wanting a dog, reconsidered and settled for a cat instead. Yes, I know, Magpie, neighours’ cats are one hell of a pain to one’s freshly dug flower beds. Only (grey) squirrels are worse. Which begs question: Why are we so much more forgiving of RED sqirrels?


  6. Magpie11

    I just learned today (from a book that reminded me of GM) that WD40 sprayed on the soil deters animals from digging in the garden!

    As it is Water Dispersant 40 I wondered if it would have an effect upon the watering of the plants?

  7. Ursula

    Yeah well, Magpie, don’t believe everything you read. For years I have been saying: “If only I could WD40 my life … ”


  8. Grannymar Post author

    Thank you folks for all the comments. You made me smile. Normal service will resume tomorrow, Sunday.

  9. Grannymar Post author

    I am back – Sunday as promised.

    Nick – I love it!

    Chrisb – My next door neighbour had a dog that they walked ONCE a year. The would open the door and stand watching as the dog chose a different neighbours garden to leave its mark and dinner! These animals never do it on their own doorstep. I got so fed up that one time I collect the offending unwanted gift and tied it to their door knocker while they were out.

    K8 – Holy Cow, I like it!

    Welcome ha ha – Out of the mouth of babes…!

    Magpie – I am working on the manual as I write. Will I send it pigeon post?

    Steph – Why not? A St Bernard can carry a barrel of Brandy ❗

    Nancy – Good for Charlie! 😀

  10. Grannymar Post author

    Ursula – I don’t really care who keeps animal so long as I am not expected to put up with them constantly barking, scratching and fouling my space. It is a free country and I have MY rights too!

    K8 – Trust you! 😆

    Brighid – That is enough to give me the hump! 😀

    Magpie – Would you need that much? Is it not the smell that puts the animals off?

    U – Booze works better!

    Brighid – Deffo!

  11. Kirk M

    They recently put up something similar on the waterfront in my town. Not only do they expect the dogs to read but they expect them to carry around little plastic bags as well.

  12. Kirk M

    Blogs for dogs? Great, I can see the post titles now:

    Smells of the day.

    My favorite marking places.

    The butt never lies.

    Guess who’s in heat?

    Raid the trash bin and never get caught.

    The kennel from hell.

    Okay, that’s enough. Wouldn’t want to get carried away and all that. Any other ideas?

  13. Grannymar Post author

    Patty – The signs might be cute, pity so many dog owners ignore them. It is no fun going for a walk and having to watch everywhere you put your feet!


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