Yesterday I sat watching a little boy learning about the Alphabet….

A is for Apple, B is for Balloon etc.

I came home with the sounds ringing in my head and while preparing dinner, I turned the idea into a little game. Pick not one word for each letter, but three that sit well together.


Aim Above Appearance

Basic Bond Behaviour

Caring Condolences Comfort

Dance Date Drinking

Events Evolve Eventually

Final Fling Flowers

Gripping Guest Games

Home Help Happiness

Invitations Involve Individuals

Jest Jive Jump

Keep Known Knowledge

Love Letters Live

Make Money Matter

Night Noon Never

Offers Often Offend

Peace People Please

Quick Quips Question

Review Revive Resolve

Share Summer Sunshine

Take Time Talk

Underwear Unseen Undervalued

Valentines Value Victory

Wise Wander Wales – Oops! Sorry Magpie. 😉

XI Xmas Xylophones**

Yonder Youth Yodels

Zealot Zeal Zest

** This is the only letter I struggled with. A Xylophone is an instrument that always appealed to my ear; the problem was to find other words to go with it. Somehow X-ray didn’t sound right.

It is over to you now, I would love to see your choice!

24 thoughts on “LETTERS

  1. Maynard

    Grannymar Gone Global

    Rummy Runs Relief

    Conrad Chases Clues

    Bikehikebabe Battles Bones

    Ashok Answers Author

    Magpie11 Murders Murine

    Gail Goes Ghostly

    Deb Dives Deeper

    Maynard Is An Idiot–(that works)

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – You behave while Jenny is away! 😉

    Rhyleysgranny – They sure do!

    Ursula – I think this simple soul needs a translation. 😉

    Magpie 11 – You need a third word!

    George – Glad you liked them.

    Maynard – The last one DOES NOT work… Try again! 😆

  3. Ursula

    Sorry, Grannymar. How rude of me. Give me directions in Chinese and I’ll end up in Timbaktu.

    A xanthochroic is a fair haired person pale of skin; a xenophile (as opposed to the xenophobe) is one who enjoys and actively seeks out the foreigner, ie those of a different culture. As to the Xerox – that’s taking a photocopy of the charming blond, pale and made to feel welcome stranger.


  4. Rumuuser

    Bikehikebabe Battles Bikers

    Gail Gal in Gaol

    Grand Gal Grannymar

    May Madness Maynard

    Rum Rambo Rummy

    Conman Contests Conrad


    this is specially for you and BHB

    Hip Hip Hooray!

  5. suzen

    Wonderfully clever and creative! I’m, at the moment, being haunted by the fact that I should NOT be on the computer, I SHOULD be working out FIRST, so I’m plagued with guilt, watching the time click on, feeling the pressure to add something totally creative and all I can come up with is:
    Exercise Excuses Evolving Extremely Efficiently
    do I get a bonus for a 4th word?

  6. Grannymar Post author

    My blog is misbehaving! 🙁 Comments go to spam that shouldn’t and some I reply with go walk about! Whaaaa! I’ll start again.

    Ursula – Thanks for the translation. The only Greek I knew…. Nah! You don’t need to know about him! 🙄

    Rambo Rummy – The Hip Hip Hooray Club now includes: Darlene, BHB, Marianna, Rumbo Ramana and Yours truly! Anyone else?

    Suzen – I make that five words. Well done!

    Nancy – You came by the scenic route… I hope you ignored those extension pills! 🙄

  7. Magpie11

    Blog being bad?

    Tut tut tut!

    BTW you provided the third word with xylophone.

    Well done Matnard..I did admit to that fact! In fact I did it by

    swinging steel shovels!

    Ursula knows her Huxley….

    Ursula Undersdtands Utterly

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  9. Nancy

    No, BHB, Grannymar has sheep that count the comments on her blog backwards FOR her, and then they put them in alphabetical and chronological order. THEN, she goes to sleep…..

  10. Grannymar Post author

    BHB- She (me) Seldom Sleeps.

    Nancy – Tantalising Talented Toyboys Tramp Through my dream world. I wish! 😉


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