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Clotworthy House

Last Friday morning in a short post about Clotworthy House, Ramana asked how it got the name.  Now I know!  While looking for information about Antrim Castle I discovered the following from Library Ireland.

THE original Castle of Antrim is generally supposed, according to Dr. Petrie, to have been erected in or about the year 1662, by Sir John Clotworthy, Lord Massarene, who died in 1665, and whose only daughter and heiresss, Mary, by her marriage with Sir John Skeffington, the fifth baronet of that name, carried the estate and title into the latter family.

The present Castle appears to have been originally erected in the early part of the reign of the First James, by Sir Hugh Clotworthy, who by that monarch’s patent had the charge of certain vessels on Lough Neagh. His son, Sir John, was one of the most distinguished leaders of the Parliamentary forces during the Civil War, and notwithstanding this fact, was, oddly enough, raised to the peerage by patent of Charles II., under the title of “Baron of Lough Neagh and Viscount of Massarene.”

All that remains of Antrim Castle

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  1. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – That name is a bit of a handful alright! I wonder if he was called clotty at school?

    Baino – That was the stable block!

    Fran – See my comment to Nick!

    Judy – I thought that too.

  2. Rumuuser

    Thanks for making all the effort to get this clarification Grannymar. This post has given me the historical background to the castle and how it got the name. My query however remains unanswered. I hope that if there is a Clotworthy somewhere, he will forgive me for asking this but was the first Clotworthy, worthy of giving blood clots causing cerebral and cardiac infarcts to whoever he came in contact with? Is that how he got that name?

  3. Darlene

    Clotworthy is a most unusual name. I think if it were mine I would drop the CLOT and just be WORTHY. I thought the name I gained when I married was strange, too, until the actor, Kevin Costner, made it more desirable. At least people know how to spell it now.

    Grannymar – I am stealing the Splash award. Thank you for saying it’s okay.

  4. Darlene

    Thank you for letting me take a bite of your Splash Award. It is not residing very prettily on my sidebar.

    I have tagged you for a Meme and if you don’t want to play, that is certainly okay.

  5. wisewebwoman

    H’mm we have many examples of another variant here in NL – Noseworthy. I wonder if the clots and noses got together….?
    Never mind, sounds nasty.
    As an aside GM, a few years a go we fell in love with Mount Stewart up in your neck of the woods, have you been???

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Ramana – What will you pay me not to phone them 👿

    Darlene – Sharing the Award was the whole point in this piece. I will be over shortly to check out the meme!

    WWW – ‘Noseworthy’ is a new one to me… Ramana, another one for your collection I think! 😀
    I have spent many a wonderful day rambling about Mount Stewart, and indeed the whole of the Newtownards Peninsula. Alas, they were before my camera days. When the new hip is ‘run-in’ properly, I intend returning there and to Castlewellan with the Camera.

    BHB – RAM-A-nah! He is a pussycat really!

  7. lois D'iana Penrose Buck

    Hi, I found you thru DarlenesHodgepodge. I love history and I love these photos. I am fascinated with Ireland’s, Scotland’s and England’s history. My ancestors are from England and I believe my Uncle Francis lived in Ireland for awhile. I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado u.s.a (Darlene was born and raised here also). I find your blog fascinating.

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Lois – Welcome to the Tour. From time to time I take my camera for a walk and once home, use my blog to share what I have seen & enjoyed. Ireland is a beautiful country…. pity about the rain!

  9. gaelikaa

    Well, Grannymar, I’ve just dropped in to tell you that Ramana left a nice message for you on my diary blog and it is some comment indeed. If I can’t mail it to you at least I can let you know!

  10. john clotworthy

    hi!im a direct descendant of the first john clotworthy an i dont know how i come across this site but hahaha! you,s all very funny!from what i know from my father an from his hather etc etc the ist clotworthys came with the normans in around 1200 or so and the name was Dclotworthy. and they droppd the d after settling in england and becoming poms etc! so stick that up your noses! haha.from john clotworthy, wanganui. new zealand.

  11. Grannymar Post author

    Hi John – Thank you for filling in the blanks for us. Have you visited Clotworthy House recently? I am sure you would see many changes.

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