Art with my Needle ~ Week 3

Not all projects go the way you want them to.  I suppose you could say it is a little like blog posts.  The same BLOCK hovers over the brain like clouds hiding the sunshine.  That happened  to me before Elly’s wedding.  I suppose I was submerged in her actual outfit and the alterations I needed to make in the last couple of weeks before the big day.

I also made bags for the bridesmaids and the flower girl plus a ring cushion for the ring bearer.  The flower girl’s bag was a miniature version of those for the bridesmaids.

These two youngsters, George’s youngest niece and nephew were only added in to the Bridal party a few weeks before the event and they chose what they wanted to wear to the Big Party.  The tassels at the base of the bags matched one on the end of the Bride’s bouquet.

I wanted to make a little bag to hold the ‘Somethings’.  You know the something old, new , borrowed and blue.  That is where the cloud descended and several attempts failed.  I ended up sitting up in bed at 6am on the morning of the wedding finally pulling something together, beads and all!

The tiny bag was held in place on the outfit by two antique glass buttons that were given to me many years earlier.

Counting the wedding outfit as the ‘New’, I added the following Old, Borrowed and Blue.

Old = A coin.  Borrowed = A silver thimble of mine.  Blue a modern necklace.

The coin is indeed old, a silver threepenny piece dated 1902.

The coin had come from Jack’s Aunt Nell who had looked after him soon after birth because his mother was very ill.   A second long spell staying with Aunt Nell, made the bond stronger and she looked on Jack as the son she never had.  She had three of these threepenny coins and they were earmarked for her two daughters and her special ‘son’ jack!  He never got his coin.  On my second visit to Durham, Aunt Nell gave it to me.  Jack was delighted, it showed that I was really accepted as one of her family.  I was delighted to pass it on to Elly on her special Day.

17 thoughts on “Art with my Needle ~ Week 3

  1. Baino

    Ah now that I’ve seen before and you did yourself incredibly proud. Now I was thinking, when you get your hiplet repaired, you’re going to have lots of time on your hands and . . .Can I send my suit trousers over for some alteration, they’re baggy in the bum!

    It’s the little details that make it so perfect although her dress/suit was also gorgeous. You look pretty damn hot too! Very clever woman. Actually looking at the simplicity of summer clothes here (yes even in September they’re on the shelves), I’m thinking very seriously of buying a sewing machine.

  2. wisewebwoman

    Very inspiring, GM, I’ve been working on my utility room upstairs here and have a lovely spot for my sewing machine, right in front of the window overlooking the bay. I remember your posts about the wedding and all the work. You are one amazing lady, hips or no hips.

  3. Magpie11

    I need a new suit!

    And I have long hankered after a bottle green velvet, shawl collared dinner jacket…I saw one in a tailor’s window in my first year at college!

    If I had one I could wear it to my funeral!

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – It was pure chance that it worked out.

    Baino – You would need to come with the trousers for a proper fitting 😉

    Cathy – My ideas, design and work all the way through to the very last bead. The train had beading all around the edge as well as in the centre pleat. Every bead was double stitched.

    WWW – I never had a workroom, the dining table was my space. Thankfully when I was making that outfit I was able to cover and leave it there for days on end.

    Maureen – When asked to stand for a fitting, she didn’t count herself lucky. 😉

    Ramana – Thank you. Now you know why I am interested in Saris

    Magpie – You are not the first man with a request like that. The other one purchased my first sewing machine on my behalf. With his trade discount he was able to upgrade to a better model than the one I could afford. For years he teased me about ‘his’ suit! That man was Bestman for my father 68 years ago today.

    Gaelikaa – It was more style than fashion. With good carriage, a woman can look elegant in a flour sack!

  5. Ursula

    Magpie, I love it when people plan ahead: I too know the exact outfit I shall wear at my funeral (no shoes).

    If you allow me some fashion advice: Whilst velvet is gorgeous to touch I don’t think green goes well with one’s pallor when dead.


  6. Grannymar Post author

    Lily – Were you looking for the workroom? I found you in the spam bucket 🙁 Elly was a very happy and comfortable bride and that made my day!

    Ursula – Do you think I should start making multicoloured shrouds? 🙄

  7. Ursula

    Yes, Grannymar, do. Not least will it help you through your forthcoming “legless” times (You are a better woman than me: I am slowly becoming an expert on bone density and how to achieve a tight knit weave. Let’s hope it’s not too late – according to my mother my genes will save me).

    Yes, shrouds, I love them: I’d recommend crocheting loosely with quite large holes in the pattern, cotton yarn and going for the colours of the seasons: Pastels for spring (but not too pale), an orgie of brights for summer, that so beautiful medley of earthy autumn shades and a simple slightly off white for winter.


  8. Grannymar Post author

    Ursula – we could start a cottage industry with branches scattered about the globe! 😉

    Gaelikaa – Good carriage, a belt and a string of beads is all you need!


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