Farewell Dear Hilda

Hilda has been around for all the 62 years of my life. We travelled the rough and the smooth side by side. At every step she was there pushing me on to the next stage or to reach greater heights. She was with me as I ran to catch the bus on the way to and from school, as I climbed a tree with my young brothers, as I walked into a room to face my first job interview and as I stood to make my marriage vows. She was with me in the delivery room, moving gently to the side allowing for the safe and easy birth of my daughter Elly.

She made sure I stood straight to do justice to; and carry off the clothes I wore. and if Hilda did not agree with my footwear fetish she made her feeling known in a short sharp yet quiet way.

There were times when I treated her roughly. The times when we lugged heavy furniture across the floor, I expected her to do the work of two strong men. Times when we carried heavy loads unevenly balanced, making her do more work than was necessary. She grumbled but not for long.

On one clear crisp and cold winters day we climbed the Cave Hill in Belfast. On the downward journey almost at the bottom I tripped crashing to the ground bringing us down with a wallop.

The pathway was hard.  Cold.  Solid winter-hard ground.

My full weight on top of her, we lay for a few minutes making sure nothing was broken before slowly standing and then continuing on our way. Hilda was not a happy bunny that day and let me know about it for a week or two.

Our growing incompatibility in recent months has called for a parting of the ways. Hilda is tired, overworked and needs to retire. Today we bid each other farewell.

I cannot let the day pass without saying thank you to Hilda for helping to carry my load in all the years that have passed.

I need a replacement for Hilda… Now I wonder if my replacement will be a Toyboy?

What shall I call him? Hector… Horace…. Humphrey…

I will be missing for a few days while my hip is replaced this morning. In fact as this is published I will be in a taxi, on my way to the hospital for admission.  No doubt Elly will give you a progress report when she returns from Italy on Tuesday evening or on Wednesday when she sees me.  I will not have my laptop or mobile phone, so please be patient.  I am only one patient in a very busy hospital so no calls asking for details,  I will be requesting that no information is given over the phone.  I expect it to be a short stay of two to three days.  I am not ill, just having a new shock absorber fitted, so no flowers please.  I associate them with illness and death, and there is plenty of life in this ould bird yet.

P.S. I did offer to live blog the event… alas, I think the surgeon was blog shy! 🙄

My temporary home for a few days

Whoever named this place had a sense of humour!

20 thoughts on “Farewell Dear Hilda

  1. Rumuuser

    Grannymar, you cannot replace Hilda with a toyboy. I simply forbid it. It has to be a she, no two ways about it. How about Matilda? Remember that song? Took my money and gone to Venezuela?

    Two/three days? All of us Grannymar addicts will go bonkers! Get through with it fast and come back with a hop skip and a jump. More than the posts, the responses to comments will be missed for a while. No big deal, you can catch up later.

    Yes, what a name! Goes into my collection.

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  3. gaelikaa

    I’m doing the rosary for you. All twenty decades. So you’ll be fine. Your attitude’s great. Bang on! You’re going to come back better than ever.

  4. Fran

    I wouldn’t recommend the toyboys we produce, although faithful and loyal they won’t have the necessary staying power to keep up with you when you return to your feet.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery and happy relationship with your new hip & trendy friend.

  5. steph

    R.I.P. Hilda

    Well, hello Hector/Horace/Humphrey!

    Dearest Grannymar,

    Thinking of you today as you open a new chapter in your life…

    Here’s to a smooth recovery and happy hip-hopping back to full strength!

  6. marbur

    Grannymar, your journey to and from Withers will be just a dream soon. My every day bring you closer to a happy & painfree life.
    “Wither thou goest I will go” ( author ? I forgot, a senior moment to be sure), my thoughts and warm wishes are beside with you for your recovery.

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Marbur, welcome aboard. Thank you for the good wishes and I am pleased to report that the pain in my hip is already a faint memory

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  9. nrhatch

    Darn . . . I should have named a few of my body parts before they were removed during surgery.

    Glad that you shared this link with me. 😀


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