Daily Archives: September 15, 2009

Post-Hip Replacement Day 2 Update

Looks like the hunky toyboy docs were making Grannymar’s heart race yesterday, so she didn’t get a chance to get out of bed last night.

All her blood tests today are good and her consultant saw her last night and again this morning.

This afternoon she had her first trip out of bed and walked to a chair to sit up for a while. She’s been walking around a little more since.

I just spoke to the ward staff nurse and mum had a good day overall, tomorrow morn they will repeat blood tests and then send her to the gym to see how she perfoms. I’ll possibly be taking her home tomorrow afternoon, but it might be the next day.

Once again, I’d like to repeat mum’s request that no-one call the ward directly. Many thanks for your support on this.

I’ll try and post an update tomorrow morning before I travel up. You can also keep an eye on my Twitter account (@ellybabes) as I can update that from my phone and don’t need an internet connection, so it will be easier to update tomorrow.

Recap 1

Since I am off-line due to technical difficulties, 🙄  do you know if a change of shock absorber comes into that class ❓

Even when I have pains, I don’t have to be one; so I have decided to direct you back to an old post.

I had visitors recently and we were talking about dances and style.  I had forgotten all about this post so many of you may not have come across it before, if you did read it first time round I hope you will enjoy it again.