Thankfully I have returned home to my own bed and my own space.  Moving is very slow but I am almost pain free.  Rome was not built in a day so I am prepared to wait!  It is great to have Elly here with me and I am lapping up all the care and attention.

Rest and exercise will be the order of the day for the next few weeks until I am back up to speed.

Thanks for all the prayers, messages and caring while I was off my feet.

I Realising that the following will off the menu for the next for a few weeks:

Climbing in here.

Exercising with hoola hoops.

Wearing shoes like these.


Trying to ride a bike like this.

At least it doesn’t hurt to laugh! 😆

19 thoughts on “Things

  1. Baino

    Good to see you back at home and amazed that you’re pain free. (Although I must admit after my little op, I didn’t even need panadol after day 1) perhaps we’re made of tough stuff! Although my mother used to say that there was no need for pain in this day and age. Take your time, do your exercises, eat well and wishing you a speedy recovery. Big sloppy kisses! (Hugs might hurt)

  2. Ursula

    Grannymar, it’s always good to know one’s limitations (not that I myself do). I thank my lucky stars that I didn’t break a rib in the wrong area: Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to read your entries – and laugh.

    As a matter of interest what’s your bone density reading? I ‘ll show you mine (after next week’s first) if you show me yours. Meanwhile let’s stock up on – and consume – all things calcium.


  3. cathy

    Great to see you are home, Grannymar! And don’t worry about those shoes, they are becoming out of fashion as we speak. You would look very cool in Doc Martens, and they would allow you to juggle those hoola hoops as you skip. Only a matter of time 😉

  4. steph

    HIP…HIP 😉


    Grannymar is home from hospital.

    HOME SWEET HOME, Grannymar

    Take it easy! It’s my turn to wear Matron’s hat now!

  5. Rumuuser

    Great to have you back home and blogging. Keep it nice and easy. Everything will revert to normal in due course. All the best. We are all rooting for you.

  6. Darlene

    I hope you are able to climb in that pretty shiny tub. I still can’t make it and if I didn’t have a walk in shower in my bath I would really be a ‘dirty old woman.’ (double entendre’ intended.)

    Soon the doctor will tell you to walk, walk, walk. I know you like to do that anyhow (I don’t) so you will make a rapid recovery.

    As Steph said, Hip, Hip Hooray!!! 😉

  7. bikehikebabe

    Yes, very pretty tub & with handles no less. However I wonder if you can step over & get in that right now. Better to find a shower, cover with plastic your incision. Get a Toyboy- No– get Elly to scrub you down.

  8. Kate

    Welcome home Grannymar – I do hope you are up and about soon – although I think you are a very determined young lady and will soon be rocking and rolling again!
    🙂 x

  9. Grannymar Post author

    Kate – I am up and dressed every day with regular rest periods throughout the day. Being home makes all the difference.


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