Daily Archives: September 25, 2009

Last night

I was very tired last night after a lovely day.

At 9pm I gave in and went to bed.  Elly thought it was a little early for me to settle for the night as it would mean I would be up very early this morning.  She wheeled in Tobias to entertain me while I rested.

The lower part of my leg became uncomfortable due to the swelling and I thought if Elly puts some cream on it it might help.  I called out but she didn’t hear me.  Not wanting the effort of getting out of bed, I checked to see if she was on chat.

21:32 me: Are you on the phone?
Ellybabes: no
me: can you come in a min
21:33 Ellybabes: sure

She was in the kitchen at the other end of the house and the door was closed.  She came immediately and sorted out my leg and made me more comfortable.

Modern technology is wonderful!

Now I am off to think about breakfast.

I’ll see you at 5pm (my time), for more fun with the Consortium.