How quickly the Fridays come around, surely I have not been asleep for days on end.  This week our ever growing band of LBCers – Ashok, Conrad, Magpie 11, MariaMarianna & Ramana gather together to talk


the topic chosen by Ramana.  I urge you to do the rounds and have a helping at each of our tables.

22 thoughts on “Breakfast

  1. Rumuuser

    I would have asked you how you knew the topic had you not mentioned standing without the crutches. Bravo.

    A fantastic breakfast indeed. The orange juice instead of milk is a new twist which I should try. The dried fruits and nuts and Elly to prompt you with the Macadmeias, wrapped it up nicely for me and has inspired me to plan a similar breakfast tomorrow.

    Well done Grannymar.

  2. Rhonda

    Congrats on standing without the crutches! Progress is being made.

    Loved your breakfast. Did you have orange juice because you are out of milk, or do you always have oj?

    Looked delicious!! Can I come have breakfast with you? (substituting my pills for yours!)

  3. Nancy


    You had two nuts, three figs, four macedamias, five apricots, six Lords aleaping. Seven maids amilking and a partridg……Sorry,GM I got carried away.

  4. Magpie11

    So, when will we see the High Kicks? Well done is not the phrase..I’m discombl…gob smacked!

    Lady magpie makes a mean Muesli mix with all of those things in except the macadamias (me no like). I have Hazel nuts instead.

    Surely six toy boys leaping to her assistance?

  5. Conrad

    What a wonder you are, GM!!! Of course I’m delighted to see you standing, loved the breakfast – but, the fact that you did this as a video piece, where we got to go with you into your kitchen, really made this a priceless experience for me.

    Loved it! And, like you, I need a few items that get me “going” like that in the morning…

  6. Ursula

    Well, Grannymar, I am ashamed.

    I visited all the Consortium members’ breakfasts as instructed by you and am in awe. Breakfast is the one meal I don’t have. Where to take the appetite from at that time of the day? Maybe my stomach lives in a different time zone waking ca 1200 hrs GMT. I used to drive my poor mother to despair with me shooting off to school on an empty stomach. The only time I forced myself to eat properly in the morning was when pregnant and breastfeeding. Guess what: Now I am the one peddling the apple of my eye the joys and benefits of a good start to the day. Yeah, well, like mother like son.

    Grannymar, you are so organised with all your containers!!! Do you think I could start over, and not have muesli – which I love – around midnight?


  7. Alice

    You look marvelous! And what a healthy way to begin your day. I wouldn’t have been able to resist a few more dates, however. Love those! One last thing…I couldn’t help noticing that wonderful teapot. I believe I have one just like it, a Breville? that heats up water for a really quick cup of tea?!

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Marianna – That brekkie keeps me moving!

    Ramana – Enjoy your breakfast.

    Rhonda – Dairy products and I are bad bedfellows. There is milk in the house at the moment only because Elly is home looking after me.

    Nancy – I like your singing voice!

    Magpie – High Kicks? I think I will leave them awhile longer! Six toy boys leaping to my assistance! That would be nice. I did have one toy boy last weekend and very caring he was too.

    Conrad – I actually wake up looking forward to my breakfast each day.

    Ursula – I don’t think I ever left for school or work without breakfast, I loved my food too much. Maybe I had hollow legs! 😉

    Alice – I poured the boiling water from my electric kettle. The small cream teapot on the counter top is for Green tea, which I often have at lunchtime.

    Maynard – Shhhh! I didn’t want anyone to know about those dates! 🙄

  9. steph


    Bravo! It’s great to see you up and about and looking so perky!

    I bet you missed your healthy brekkie while you were in the hospital or did you bring a stash of nuts and dried fruit with you?

    Think yourself lucky you don’t have to share breakfast with this pair 😀

  10. Deb

    I loved seeing you on video – thank you for sharing! Wonderful to see how well you are getting along – that is just super but just about what I expected from you!

  11. Maria

    Oh, you are entirely beautiful and wonderfully sophisticated. I am delighted with the breakfast production but even more delighted at seeing you in person. . . so to speak.

    It looks very much like your surgery was a success. I am so happy for you. Gee, am I bubbling over or what!

  12. Darlene

    You’re looking great, Grannymar. I think it must be that healthy breakfast that keeps you so slender, young looking and able to recover so rapidly. No wonder the toy boys flock around.

    Yep, you will definitely be the lead dancer in our troupe.

  13. kenju

    I love hearing the sound of your voice and that accent!! An interesting breakfast, Grannymar. I usually have cereal with 1/2 a banana and 2% milk.

    My mom used to have orange juice on her cereal too.

  14. Rhyleysgranny

    Wow Granny can I just say how well you look. Absolutely amazing and making progress in leaps and bounds. I am so lazy about breakfast. I can’t be bothered setting up dishes of this and that or cooking although a fried breakfast when I am away somewhere is the order of the day as I don’t have to cook it. 😀 I juice four oranges , take a couple of handfuls of blueberries maybe a kiwi or a couple of plums, a banana a tablespooon of ground seeds a small handful of oats and throw them all in the food processor then drink it. Very easy. A hydraulic breakfast if you will. 😉

  15. bikehikebabe

    I have my daily concoction. 4 T. ground flax seed, 1 T+ cocoa powder, 1 t. cinnamon (some clove), 1 t. turmeric, 1 t.+ ginger, soaked overnight in fruit juice with fruit added. Lots of yogurt with dried fruit & nuts.

    Tom makes oat, whole wheat, rye mixture pancakes with blended fruit a couple times a week. No syrup. They’re sweet enough. We’re foodnerds.

    I love the lilt of your Irish voice & to be able to see you & be in your kitchen. The Replay sound wasn’t broken up.

  16. Grannymar Post author

    Steph – It is good to be up and about again. I had Orange juice on my cereal every morning and they brought me fruit at every meal. I was told to drink plenty to clear my system. I said that two sips of cold water was my limit but if they brought boiling water I would drink it by the bucket full – they did, day all day and all night. As you know all liquids are measured, going in and coming out. I don’t think they ever came across anyone like me before.

    Deb – after constant pain for such a long time it is like a new beginning. I am not ready for speed walking yet, but having Elly for company walking stride for stride with me helps. It must be torture for her since like me she has long legs and a very long stride, used to moving quickly.

    Maria – All my pre-op preparation helped.

    Darlene – I come from a line of long skinny people.

    Judy – For years I missed out until I learned about having the orange juice instead of milk. It is good to be back on my own pins.

    Rhyleysgranny – I love the sound of your hydraulic breakfast!

    Baino – That mix sets me up for the day.

    BHB – I killed two birds with one stone, kept to the topic while letting everyone know I was doing fine.

  17. gaelikaa

    Do you know what? I’m watching this again and again. I’m a bit homesick and the sound of your voice is lovely. And you know what else? You remind me of my mother. Really. My mother gave birth to me when she was 22 so we are actually close in age. And you are a Dublin woman for sure – I thought you might be from N.I. but you have the most beautiful, cultured East coast Irish accent! Not, that N.I. people don’t sound cultured you understand, they do, but you know what I mean! And as for the breakfast! Healthy! I’m very familiar with cashews, dates, almonds and the like. Mel is sitting here with me and she says you remind her of her grandmother in Dublin.

  18. Grannymar Post author

    Gaelikaa – I am sorry to make you homesick, but glad it brought your mother closer. I was indeed born and raised in Dublin.


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