My thoughts for today

Today I am thinking of Bikehikebabe a very humorous lady who comments regularly on my blog.

Bikehikebabe will undergo surgery on her shoulder only a couple of months after a hip replacement.

I will keep a candle burning for you girl!

13 thoughts on “My thoughts for today

  1. kenju

    My neighbor had a hip replacement in July and a shoulder replacement in Sept. She says the shoulder hurt more than the hip, so I hope your friend does well.

  2. Baino

    Good grief that’s the fourth person this month that I know of who’s had quite serious surgery on their shoulder. The recovery is worse than the op I think but wishing her well.

  3. bikehikebabe

    i will b sleeping sitting up so i can get out of bed. the therapy 4 the shoulder is lots morethan for the hip. but u don’t walk on your arms so u can b more active. all went well. glad 2 b home


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