Daily Archives: September 30, 2009

Art with My Needle Week ~ Week 6

Last week I was drawing shells and left you with a puzzle.

Whatever would I do with this?

Make a trinket box?

The lid of the box I made in two pieces with a loop and a button fastening that I made in the form of a tiny shell.  The opening was an illusion as it didn’t in fact open.  The lid had an oval ‘wall’ that slid inside the base.

The clear oval wall was made using a sheet of acetate, the type used for overhead slides in the days before Power Point Presentations.  I decorated it with Machine embroidery before hand stitching it to the top.  The base I made from strong card that I covered in silk Dupion to match the lid.  The decorative stitching was achieved with handmade cords of gold and silver threads couched in place by a single strand of the silver thread.

All I need is a treasure to go inside it.  My Elly won’t fit.

The other part drawing will have to wait until next week.