I think that I, in a semi drugged state sent the following email to the members of the LBC:

Is it my turn to select a topic?  If so I am sorry to be so late about it.  Lets blame Nurse Hitler and her constant – Time for walkies, exercises or rest!

I actually said to her that I had no idea of what to choose, so she threw a book at me and said “Page 132, line ten and pick a word.

It was in the middle of a sentence:

“keep the restaurant open at least seven months of the”

So my choice is Restaurant or Restaurants now off you go and prepare our feast.

I hope you are hungry as you visit Ashok (if his studies allow), Conrad, Magpie 11, MariaMarianna & Ramana for their take on the topic.

Since I returned home with the new ‘shock absorber’ I have been out to lunch twice. We went to Carrickfergus as it is very flat and a good place for me to walk right now. On the earlier visit I was still extremely slow and a little nervous on the crutches. Elly invited another blogger friend to come along and having someone each side of me was reassuring.

The entrance was step free, a toilet for disabled customers easy to negotiate and the carver chairs at the tables were a good height for me and very comfortable. I was well looked after and the waitress went to endless trouble to make sure that the food I ordered was dairy free. The food was tasty and hot and I did justice to the meal in front of me.

This week it was my turn to reward my nursing staff; so Elly, George and I returned to the same place. We parked further away allowing me to stretch my legs and enjoy the sounds and sights of normality while being out doors. As soon as I entered the building I was greeted by the same young lady that looked after us last week. She remembered me and asked how I was progressing, and also told me how well I was looking compared to the previous week. I remarked on her memory and she assured me that she did indeed remember me and the fact I required a dairy free meal.

Since I am forbidden to drive right now I tossed a coin and the winner had the choice of ‘wet or dry’. George won, but being a gentleman he chose to drive leaving Elly free to enjoy a glass of wine with lunch. The food was all we expected and we sat over it chatting and laughing.

Again I enjoyed my slow paced walk back to the car. Once inside and comfortable, I packed the young lovers off to have a proper walk with the instructions to hold hands and have a cuddle. I was quite happy to sit and watch the world go by. They returned happy and refreshed, ready for another session of Grannymar bashing nursing. Just as in the Good book, we returned by a different route happy and content with our day.

Restaurants may be all about food, but a caring, cheerful & helpful staff certainly makes a big difference. I will return in the future.


I woke to a message from Bikehikebabe

i will b sleeping sitting up so i can get out of bed. the therapy 4 the shoulder is lots morethan for the hip. but u don’t walk on your arms so u can b more active. all went well. glad 2 b home

Wonderful news, and she typed it all herself despite having shoulder surgery on Tuesday.

Way to go Girl.  Way to go!

11 thoughts on “Restaurants

  1. Rumuuser

    That touch about tossing the coin for the privilege of driving sent me back down memory lane when I used to be so impressed with the system of one guy not drinking the whole evening so that the others can be driven back home. Alas, we have no such system in India and we get to read a great deal about how drunken driving is playing havoc with lives.

    In Mumbai, they now have a system of evening paid chauffeurs for such evenings only and I hope that the system will spread.

    You seem to have adjusted well to your new shock absorbers and I congratulate you as I do BHB for her new steering gear.

  2. Nick

    Glad your recovery is proceeding well. Any restaurant that gives you friendly, considerate service tempts you to return, even if the food is not very exciting. As I said in my recent post, a bit of pampering is very important when you eat out.

  3. Conrad

    I think you have pointed out what the beauty of the restaurant experience is at heart – it is a social event shared with those you care about and who care for you.

    Both you and bhb need your nourishment! You aren’t totally bionic yet.

  4. gaelikaa

    Well, the last restaurant I visited here in India was McDonald’s. With my kids. They love it in there. I love the chicken burgers and it is my chance to have a bit of meat as my home is a meat-free zone. My husband is not into Macs at all and would rather go to a place where Indian food is served. Our city Lucknow is supposed to be a great place for kebabs, but being married into a vegetarian household, I haven’t really had too many opportunities to enjoy meat. That, however, will soon change as I apply my creative abilties to procuring a few kebabs for myself. There are ways and means if you look out for them……….glad to learn you’re keeping well Grannymar……bahut pyaar key saath!

  5. Darlene

    Congratulations on a speedy recovery. And kudos to bikehikebabe for courage and the ability to keep on typing on the keyboard. I didn’t know she was having shoulder surgery. Get well, bikehikebabe.

    I guess we won’t be doing the can-can after all. We will be three bionic babes with our steel hips, bikehikebabe’s shoulder and my cochlear implant. I wonder what will be next.

  6. Marianna

    Hip hip hooray (pun intended!) to restaurants that are considerate enough to have toilets that patrons can patronize. This is driven home by the 90 degree rule.

    During my recoveries a few restaurants lost our business because their toilets were simply too low.

    It’s great to hear about your progress and how you’ve increased your walking distance from last week. Bravo!

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Ramana – drunken driving is a major cause of road deaths here too.

    Nick – I totally agree.

    Conrad – I am receiving nourishment of all kinds right now, food, caring and most important Love!

    Gaelikaa – I am sure you will succeed in finding a way!

    Judy – It certainly does.

    Jean – I am so pleased for Bikehikebabe.

    Darlene – I am sure we will cha cha in good time. How about some high kicking in a row like at the Follies?

    Marianna – Here by law restaurants must have a loo suitable for disabled people. This includes bars to aid sitting or standing and an emergency cord to call for help.

    Day 19 post-op and I am walking with one crutch.

  8. bikehikebabe

    typing using only the left hand is ok. what is almost impossible is using the curser. it doesn’t do what you are directing it to do. mind of it’s own.


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