Daily Archives: October 4, 2009


The word barrel is dry today so a picture will say some for me.

George (SIL) was carer for me on Thursday while Elly went to Dublin for a night off and to cast her vote for Lisbon on Friday.  She returned in time to allow George home in the afternoon in time to cast his vote.

While the cat Elly was away we mice went for a walk.  Since George is a Toyboy, I walked further than any other day.  That day I had set myself a goal of bringing the camera and arriving home with a photo.  It was in fact George who took the photo above to prove to Elly how far we walked.  When she arrived back I had the photo on the desktop.  I won’t repeat her exclamation, but she was impressed.

On Saturday it was very windy so the walk outdoors was short.  We concentrated on increasing my speed.  To date she walked along matching my slow pace, so I was now matching her increased steps.  No way am I ready for her full stride yet but it will come.  I find the walking easier with someone walking step for step with me.  When we returned to the house we walked around to the back garden and I tried the steps from the patio down to the garden using one crutch and back up again.  The three steps at the back door are steeper and I also managed them.  Once indoor I continued with only one crutch and that is how I have continued since.

A new form of independence since I can make my own coffee and carry it into the living room. Progress!

It was still very windy when I went for my second walk of the day and Elly carried the other crutch just incase I needed it for the return journey uphill.  I didn’t and Elly, having checked me from all angles says I am well balanced with just the one!  There is no slacking with Nurse Hitler… You just have to do things properly! 😆

PS The yes vote won!

Perhaps it had something to do with the voters hoping for divine intervention, two miraculous medals were wrapped inside ballot papers marked Yes in Co Laois.