Mammy can I go out to play?

I found these friendly fellows at some stage earlier in the year.

I am itching to get out for a proper photo walk…. it WILL happen…… soon!

16 thoughts on “Mammy can I go out to play?

  1. bikehikebabe

    will you explain the irish mammy? in the usa mammy was used by the negros–they were called then–before the civil war, which freed the slaves.
    the black (or negro) mother was the mammy.

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – The day I went to ECOS, I was unable to walk very well. I hope to return another day when I am up to speed.

    BHB – We always called our mother Mammy, some people say Mum. We look on Mom as the American way and when Elly wants to rile me she calls me Mummy – I know I am old, but I am neither ancient or Egyptian! 🙄

  3. Grannymar Post author

    WWW – I have been out for two short walks today so far. The first was along the main street so I used two crutches. The second was nearer to home so I used only one.

  4. Baino

    Aww it’ll come. Very cute playground and inviting! Unlike our sterile new ergonomic jobs. I’m not even going to tell you what my kids call me but ‘mummy’ would be a nice change!

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Baino – The playground fascinated me.

    Darlene – I answer to a variety of names and am often introduced as ‘Grannymar’!

    Judy – Some day! 😀

    Jean – Each day brings it a step nearer.

    Ramana – It is my new carrot to reach for.

  6. bikehikebabe

    kenju, i’m from west virginia too. fairmont my bad punctuation isn’t a wv hillbilly trait. i just had a shoulder replacement & can’t use that arm.

  7. gaelikaa

    I always called my mother Mammy. My kids call me Mama, but I don’t know where they got it from. In north India, Mama is the mother’s brother. Most kids here say Mummy.

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Gaelikaa – I am fascinated at the names for all the different family members, I doubt if I would ever cope or even remember them.

  9. bikehikebabe

    In the USA Grandmother doesn’t tell you which side of the family she comes from.

    In Sweden where my daughter lives, I’m Mormor.

    Mormor = mother of the mother my daughter, Lydia’s parents
    Morfar = father of the mother
    Farmor = mother of the father her husband, Patrick’s parents
    Farfar = father of the father

    Makes the relationship clear.

    I also like a date in this order: DAY/MONTH/YEAR, instead of MONTH/DAY/YEAR. The use of centimeters is better than inches, feet ,yards.

    I should move to Europe.

  10. Grannymar Post author

    Bhb – Both sided of my family had the same last name. My grandfathers died before I was born but I knew both of my grandmothers, one lived in Dublin while the other lived on the West Coast of Ireland. The local granny (maternal) was called Granny and the paternal one was called Granny Kildysart, because that was where she lived!

    We use DAY/MONTH/YEAR and I find the American way confusing, I still think in inches, feet and yards, thankfully fabric shops cater for yards and meters.

    Move to Ireland you would be welcomed with open arms!


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