Window Shopping

I saw this in the window of a Bank when we were out today.

I totally agree!

Sorry for the kickback with the flash.  it was taken with my mobile phone.

22 thoughts on “Window Shopping

  1. Grannymar Post author

    Judy – Much cheaper.

    Jean – Amen and Ah-women too! 😉

    Steph – ((hugs)) in return.

    Darlene – I am hiding behind the martini shaker, so don’t move it! 🙄

    Nick – I was just thinking the same thing.

    Alice – Sometimes I forget about the camera in my phone and miss the opportunity.

  2. Rhyleysgranny

    Hugs to you Grannymar. Who doesn’t like a hug? Unfortunately they don’t alleviate pain (sigh) I have just taken my nightly fix.

    Nick, research has shown that children who are deprived of affection/abused etc do indeed have addiction problems in adult life.

  3. Judy Harper

    I wonder how drugs became so overwhelming? I know there are many reasons why people do drugs, but I don’t remember it being so acceptable and widely spread in the past. I watched a few minutes of a story on Woodstock. I was in my teens at the time and it never occurred to me to want to go. Most of the kids I knew and were friends with felt the same way. The ones who wanted to go were called “druggies”. Yet this news cast person was actually reporting it in a good light. Making statements such as “changed history”, “gave people more freedom”. I’m sorry, but I don’t view the changes as positive changes. I didn’t once hear about the people who overdosed and died at the concert, or never saw any pictures of the inside of tents, cars and anyplace they could sleep. Don’t you know it had to be filthy. Almost 400,000 people, not enough restrooms and food. No baths and junk food. Ugh! My sister-in-law wanted me to go view the movie with her. I told her no, that I wouldn’t spend money on it then and I’m not going to do so now. Good picture Grannymar!

  4. Rummuser

    Hugs are cheaper? They are free where I come from. Great photo despite the kick back. Where I come from , kick back usually refers to a bribe! So, if using a mobile phone to take photographs can give a kick back, I shall start forthwith.

  5. Rummuser

    Judy, drugs and alcohol abuse have been around for centuries. We now have more access to information about them. Perhaps the number of people using has gone up but, that is par for the course on a per capita basis.

  6. Grannymar Post author

    BHB – My phone does indeed have a built-in camera, I keep forgetting about it. I use the phone more for sending text messages than making calls. It is possible to have twitter messages delivered to the cell phone but I don’t bother. There are more elaborate phones that work like mini computers – very hand for those in business and on the move, but they would be wasted on me. I have an old phone… no frills that I keep for Dublin (different country) and have a local sim card in it to make the calls cheaper.

    Rhyleysgranny – Hugs to you too RG, I hope you receive them early enough to start your day.

    Judy – Drugs of some form have always been around… We who led sheltered lives were unaware of them.

    Ramana – Hugs are free here too. I will miss my daily quota next weeks when life reverts to normal mode sans resident nurses. 🙁 Very 🙁
    A kickback can also mean a bribe sometimes referred to in the South of Ireland as a ‘brown envelope’ – very prevalent in Government circles!

  7. Kate

    I love hugs! One of my favourite words in Spanish – abrazos (hugs although the literal translation is – arms) I’m going on holiday soon and will use that word loads so I can get my full quota!!!

  8. Maynard

    After reading all of this — I’m going right now to take my “drugs”. My doctor says I have too! He didn’t say anything about “hugs”!

    Maybe that’s the answer to a lot of our illnesses, HUGS instead of drugs!

  9. Ian

    You have flash on your mobile – that’s some phone!

    I’m not sure about the point of the poster – who is it directed at?

    The greatest drugs problems are probably amongst those who experience the highest levels of emotional deprivation, so would a drug user not see the statement as being something they know anyway?

  10. Grannymar Post author

    Maynard- Hugs work far better than any drugs.

    Ian – The camera on my Nokia 6500 has a built in flash. I must remember to use it more often.

    The bottom of the Poster has Newtownabbey Community High School & PSNI on it!

  11. Baino

    No argument here. Sorry I’ve been absent with internet and troll bitch from hell employer problems. I need a hug . .I wish your arms could stretch 12,000 miles . . that might be a bit of a ‘stretch’.


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