Daily Archives: November 8, 2009


Today it would be difficult not to be aware of the three letters of my title.

Many will focus on Remembrance Services for those who gave their lives for the service of their Country and fellow man, in every conflict since the Great War.  Having married and lived with a Veteran of WW11(Burma Star) and knowing how he quietly and stoically carried his injuries for longer than the 51 years that I was when he died, I thank God for his courage, his caring and his love.  My mind and thoughts are always with those whose lives are torn, but not ended in Conflict.  The injured certainly, but also the wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, children, siblings an even on occasions the grandparents, faced with a gaping wound of emptiness.  May they find find acceptance, peace and once again hear the birds sing!

I also know a few people for whom 11th November marks the anniversary of of the death of a loved one.  They also will be in my thoughts at this time.

Our lives on this earth are but a speck of sand in the great scheme of things; and in that time many people pass into and out of our life’s journey.  Some are with us for a very long time yet leave a very light foot print, while others stop only briefly, forgeing a very deep impression never to be forgotten.

Without them the tapestry of life would be dull.