Long Arm of the Law

LBC Members: Ashok, Conrad, Gaelikaa, Helen, Judy, Magpie 11, MariaMarianna, & Ramana and I are all ready to cogitate & deliberate our thoughts on Lawyers the topic chosen for us this week by Ashok.

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The only way you can beat the lawyers is to die with nothing ~ Will Rogers

Make crime pay. Become a Lawyer ~ Will Rogers


This is week 19 of LBC posting, and for the very first time I was completely stumped by the topic.  I do have experience with Lawyers… I actually worked at one time for the Court Service, and the young man responsible for my title ‘Grannymar’, is and was a very successful Lawyer in Dublin.   Trawling through the back corridors of my brain, no story was forthcoming.

In desperation I got the Scrabble game out… Taking the word Lawyers I used the letters as tiles to see where it might take me…   law  laws  way wear  ye  yes

Almost at the stage of giving up, my email pinged this morning and the day was saved!

Now a little background information is needed…..

On 30th October this year, I had a healthy flow of emails throughout the day.  One in particular caught my attention.

I’m a freelance journalist and I got your email address from Darragh Doyle who I was in contact with about an article I am writing for the Irish Times. The article is examining the question what happens to a person’s digital assets (ie websites, blogs, social media accounts, email etc) after they die.

It went on

I was quizzing Darragh on his thoughts on the matter as a well known blogger and social media activist and he mentioned that you had discussed with your daughter as to what should happen to your excellent blog if you died.

Would you be possible for you to tell me more about this?

I have indeed discussed this very aspect with Elly… Well it went something like this.

I did have a conversation with John, gave my views on the subject, and links and contact information to others who are more knowledgeable and have indeed spoken or written on the subject.

So my email today was to let me know the article has appeared in The Irish Times today and also mentioned in John Cradden’s Blog.

Perhaps it is a subject you have not given thought to.  If not, then now is the time to think ahead.

39 thoughts on “Long Arm of the Law

  1. bikehikebabe

    How can your blog go on if you’re not there? It’s your life & your thoughts. But then Ann Landers column is still alive, & I think of her when I read it everyday.

  2. Judy Harper

    I have never given this any thought. But after reading The Irish Times article, especially since I contribute to two writing groups, I am going to discuss it with my daughter. Thanks!

  3. Rummuser

    Grannymar, I am stumped that you were stumped! Anyway, at the end of it all, you have come up trumps as usual. In my case, Ranjan knows all the passwords and set up and so after I am gone, let him do what he wants with all of it!

  4. Darlene

    I have discussed writing a post on my blog when I die informing my followers that I have expired so they can delete my blog from their list.

    It is maddening when someone doesn’t post for months and you are left wondering if they are dead, sick or just tired of it all. I have one blog on my list that hasn’t been used in 8 months and I am ready to delete it.

    I had not given any thought as to what to do with my posts after I die. I guess I should ask my daughter if she wants to leave them on line or just trash the whole thing. Since I have not written anything profound I think a deletion would be in order. Or she might want to copy some of the posts for her children. The decision will be hers because I will, obviously, not care.

  5. steph

    Interesting topic, Grannymar

    If a blog is removed without explanation, there is always the danger that someone malicious will start an untrue rumour of their death by leaving an anonymous comment on another blog.

    I know of someone who this actually happened to and it caused a great deal of upset.

    It’s a very good idea to open up a discussion about what to do with one’s digital assets. My family already have my passwords but come to think of it, I don’t have theirs!

    When my time comes, I fancy a death announcement in the paper that brings a smile to everyone’s faces. Maybe even…

    Steph has logged off for good 😀

  6. Magpie11

    No good…you’ll just have to haunt the web.

    The legal position of items on the web seems to be open. Our son and I were talking about copyright and its iniquity…how can you copyright an idea or something in the ether?


  7. Nick

    When I die, Jenny can do whatever she likes with my blog and email account. I think she’d probably leave the blog in situ as a memento of my life and thoughts. I’d do the same with hers.

  8. Grannymar Post author

    BHB – Would you like me to post from another incarnation? 🙄

    Judy – I may have strayed a little from Lawyers, but more and more each day they are having to deal with this very subject.

    Ramana – Do you think he would get much for it on Ebay? 😉

    Darlene – It is difficult to know what is best. If there is paid Hosting, will the family want to keep up the payments? We all need to talk about it, just as we need to talk about Wills. Having arrangements in place will not bring death any nearer, but it would certainly make life simpler for those left behind.

    Steph – I think I know who the case in point, there was great confusion at the time. We all hope that you DO NOT log off for a very long time.

    Magpie – No doubt you will give us your thoughts when you have mulled over the subject, in a blog post. I look forward to it.

  9. Grannymar Post author

    Nick, you slipped in there like a little mouse. Have you talked the topic through with Jenny? I know when I began blogging, being around for three years was the furthest thing on my mind. I was more like the little boy on the second morning of school… “No! he said. “I am not going to school. I went yesterday, that is enough!”

  10. gaelikaa

    That was great! You’re full of surprises, Grannymar. I’m off to read the Irish Times article now. Coming to your blog is like visiting home every day!

  11. Brighid

    What an interesting subject. It had not even crossed my mind or what’s left of it.
    There is a blog in my favs that has not posted in months and it is worrysome.
    I will have a talk with my kids to see what they think. As for me, I would like to leave an explaining post so that my 2 readers will not be left wondering.
    Thanks for putting this on the table.

  12. Ursula

    Darlene, you have the right idea: Who cares whether there is the odd mummified skeleton of a blog floating in the ether – abandonded through its owner’s incapacity? If anything, and when future generations do their own archaeological digging, you might well contribute to fascinating insights into the machinations of 2009 mankind.

    Long may you last,


  13. Grannymar Post author

    Maria – You don’t know that. Very often in life, it is only when we are told that we cannot have something, that we begin to crave it.

    Gaelikaa – Why not bookmark the paper and click refresh or Home each day when you open it. Alas, there are no photos.

    Brighid – I am sure you have more than two readers. I do know that Elly will tell the world when I cock my toes!

    Ursula – You’re back! What a surprise. Tell me now is the remark ‘Who cares whether there is the odd mummified skeleton of a blog floating in the ether’ the reason why you so easily abandoned your attempts, and refuse to share it with us?

  14. Alice

    Things like this just seem to happen to you–answers dropping out the sky about what to post. Back home they’d say you’re either livin’ right or paying the preacher well. You have touched on a provocative subject, however. Hubby knows how to get into my blog, so I’m supposing in time he might go in and make an announcement of some sort. I don’t know how much blog savvy he has about closing off the comments, so it might just leave anybody chancing in to wonder. My blogger friends are every bit as “real” to me as the others I’ve known and interacted with personally all over the world. If one of them who ordinarily posts every day fails to show up a few days, I wonder, if it continues from weeks or months I worry and badger them in the comments. Maybe someone should begin a new blog with a new kind of subject…to steal Steph’s idea (above) maybe it could be called “logged off for good.” Then our survivors could write a logging off post and submit it. I’ll bet it would be very popular indeed. I’d read it, would you? Any takers?

  15. Maria

    You are indeed a woman of wisdom. Today, is just one of those days when I feel lonely and depressed. We all have them and I so appreciate your words.

    There is just enough stubborness in me so that when I write my funeral plans, I will ask as my dying wish, that each of them read their favorite of my posts aat the funeral. I’ll get them yet. LOL

  16. Baino

    Oh you know me of course I’ve got it all planned. The kids will post my demise, thank everyone for their time and comments and then ignore it. I agree with Darlene though, it’s only polite to let your commenters know that you’re away, gone and or forgotten!

  17. Grannymar Post author

    Baino, If people visit on a regular basis, then they should be told that you are, as Wisewebwoman says, a dirt sandwich!

  18. Magpie11

    Maybe a little mystery is a good thing;-) I think I’ll leave a list of contacts for my sons to make to pass on the good news…it will be good news because I hope there will be a big party…unless I decide to hold my own wake anyway.

  19. Grannymar Post author

    Maria – How did I miss your comment? I am sorry you are having a blue day. I hope the clouds of darkness soon disperse to let the sunshine through and warm your heart with hugs and love from this side of the pond.

    Magpie – I will certainly raise a glass to celebrate knowing and counting you as my friend. That is if I outlive you, of course! 😉

    Helen – I hope the time is a very long way off.

  20. Ursula

    Grannymar, I am getting a little tired of your continued bullying me regarding running my own blog.

    Not everyone who visits a concert plays the piano or the harp. Not everyone who reads – and appreciates a book – does write one himself. Are you implying – as you did once more on Ramana’s latest posting in response to me – that I am not qualified or desired to comment on other people’s blogs because I don’t write one myself? You say that you are protective of the consortium, your “blog family”. Leaving aside the question why you need to protect anyone from me: Protective is good, excluding newcomers to any playground is mean.


  21. Grannymar Post author

    Ursula, You are mistaken. You have totally managed to misread my suggestion. I think that your talents are wasted in just commenting and should be shared on a wider platform of your own blog. That way we could all add our tuppence worth, as you choose to do here.

    I never EXCLUDED you. I admit that I dislike ‘a superior acidic attitude’ that comes from your comments, both here and on other blogs that I visit (maybe you are unaware of how your thoughts come over). The door here is open… two ways, and if you are not happy here, then you are free to leave. The wonderful thing about blogs and blogging is that there are so many to choose from, with no obligation to return or actually read any of them.

    Grannymar is my platform. I prefer a friendly light hearted interaction with my commenters and the majority respond to that too.

  22. Grannymar Post author

    Alice, I just remembered… we have a radio programme BBC Radio 4 called The Last Word, it is like an audio obituary for famous people who died during the previous week.

    The Last Words seems like a good idea for final posts from or about the recently departed Bloggers.

  23. Ashok

    I had never given that aspect much thought especially given my three year involvement in the field of Intellectual Property. None the less, as usual, a very insightful post.

    @Ursula: Readership is appreciated as much as inputs. Might I suggest that your excellent ideas and thoughts be communicated in a manner condusive to the pattern of comments in each blog?

  24. Ashok

    @Ursula: Taking the liberty to speak on behalf of Grannymar, I trust you would appreciate that while absolute censorship is something that none of us in the consortium believes in, none the less the blog owner’s wishes should be kept in heart in the spirit of lady like conduct.

  25. Grannymar Post author

    Thank you Ashok!

    From most of the comments above it seems you are not alone with regard to thoughts of future dealings for our digital assets.

  26. Ashok

    Thats possibly because I never considered my blog, property of any sort 😛 But given the evolving perception of the concept of assets, I am going to give this some serious thought.

  27. Grannymar Post author


    It never entered my head until Elly asked me about the whole thing. I suppose it applies more when websites, blogs, twitter accounts etc. are used for business purposes. Elly did speak on the topic at Barcamp last year, and she also included divorce in the equation.

  28. Conrad

    Grannymar, I had never given it any thought, but of course there is an easy answer. I will simply leave it to Maynard!

    In fact … as far as you know … I AM Maynard!

  29. Grannymar Post author

    Conrad – You…. you Maynard! Now that really sets my mind boggling.

    I think I need Gail and Mayo to come sip coffee and calm me down. 🙄

    Ramana – I think our leader has flipped!

  30. Marianna

    Food for thought.

    More blogs, websites, accounts, etc….more work for the executor.

    Interesting that you turned to Scrabble for inspiration for this edition.


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