It is Saturday, time to chill out.

Since I am no longer part of the workforce, the days at times all merge together.  I have almost forgotten what a ‘Saturday’ should be like. I was never a lie-a-bed, and hunger usually got the better of me anyway.   An hour with the duster and the vacuum and then I was ready to play.

Now I wonder what to do today…

No matter what I do I hope it contains plenty of laughter.

Now, what are you up to today?

23 thoughts on “Relax

  1. Nick

    Funnily enough, I’m also dusting and hoovering because we’ve invited some friends round for lunch tomorrow! But Saturday morning also means poring over the Independent and Irish Times which always yield a few interesting articles.

  2. Grannymar Post author


    My dusters are packed away, the ironing finished and I am ready for the afternoon online session of Barcamp Cork 111. I think Nurse Hitler will have them all on their toes… if not touching them at 2.30pm! 🙄

  3. Geri Atric

    Hi Grannymar, know what you mean about the days merging together. Santa didn’t bring me a new calender last Christmas, so this year has been a bit of a blur… I’m dropping the hint widely this December though. A nice calender please, with large numbers and spaces to write notes on – like who I am and what I’m supposed to be doing on any given day. Always good for a laugh (but mostly other people’s) when you forget things like that!

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Geri, I had no calender on my wall this year either. I always liked those long slim ones to hang beside the phone in the kitchen. Nowadays the important appointments and reminders go in my phone, or the online calender if I want to share them with Elly. I stopped using a diary when I finished work 😀 something less to carry. I don’t wear a watch either, I depend on the mobile phone for the time.

  5. Magpie11

    Wot’s a day?
    Went to bank to exchange contents of the pig for notes…£160 towards housekeeping….or the new stair carpet.

    Time chatting to Sherley and Jack and buying more vinyl from the latter.

    Now resisting the temptation to go out in the wind…I love stormy weather….

  6. Darlene

    One day just blurs into the next unless I have a doctor appointment. Sunday is the only day that’s different for me and I watch the talking heads spout their nonsense on the latest political rant. It gets my blood stirring.

  7. Maz

    I’m a nine to five, Monday to Friday girl so I love my Saturdays!!

    Out of bed at about 8.30 ( a lie in of over an hour), shower, drag my other half out of bed and then off to the Milk Market in Limerick. Then onto a few other food shops in the city followed by a short trip to Tesco and the health food shop. Home then for some lunch followed by bathroom cleaning, dusting and hoovering. Then I ran a few more errands, including picking up a new chain for an old pendant, buying some fabric to make cushion covers and new embroidery hoops.

    Now I’m enjoying some internet time which will be followed by some crafting and then dinner. Later we’re heading over to our French friend’s house to watch the soccer match.

    A pretty full Saturday but that’s just the way I like them 🙂

  8. bikehikebabe

    I’m in a stupor too, Rummuser. I find out what day it is when I turn on my computer first thing in the AM.

  9. Nelly

    I went shopping to replenish my mother-in-law’s wardrobe which was rather dull, then I took my granddaughter for our first one-to-one walk which was much nicer.

  10. Grannymar Post author

    Ramana – Is your life never ruffled?

    Darlene – My blurry days are because I forget to add the T to the G! (Gin & Tonic). 🙄

    WWW – For me it is the months that whiz by! 🙁

    Maz – There is a lot to be said for a 9 to 5 day.

    BHB – How would we manage without our computers?

    Nelly – Now that is the best way to spend a Saturday! 😀

  11. Alice

    Rather than admit I’m up to no good, let’s just say I’m catching up on my reading and watching the snow fall and wondering if we’re going to be able to keep our date at the gym today. That would be a good thing, wouldn’t it? Meanwhile I’m feeling far too cozy here inside with my fleece and warm slippers! Have a wonderful day!

  12. Grannymar Post author


    I like to watch the snow fall when I am tucked up warm and cosy indoors. You are recharging your batteries for the week ahead… very important.

  13. Baino

    Well of course it’s Sunday now. Yesterday I did the usual washing, cleaning biz and had friends for lunch in the garden. 28, breezy and just lovely. Now where shall I go today? Who knows.

  14. Judy Harper

    Today is my sister’s birthday, so I did a tribute to her on my Sixty Is Just The Beginning blog. Then I spent the afternoon working outside with my Mom. She swept off my deck, driveway and walkways while I mulched the leaves in my yard. A funny think happened. As we were standing under a very old, very tall oak tree, a flock of black birds landed at it’s top. They started shaking the stems and leaves causing acorns to fall on top of us. We have to move to keep from being bombarded by acorns! Never had that happen before! Sounds as though you had a great Saturday!

  15. kenju

    Today I had to do all the chores I couldn’t do earlier in the week, since I was working. I went to the bank, got the car washed, bought groceries, picked up medicine from the pharmacy and then took a 2 hour nap!!

  16. Grannymar Post author

    Judy H – I did manage to visit your blog and read about Susan’s birthday. A long family phone call distracted me and somehow I closed the window without leaving a comment. So Happy Birthday Susan!

    Jean – Distraction is becoming my constant companion!

    Judy/Kenju – I am not surprised that you napped for two hours. Take it easy tomorrow. That is an order!


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