No Bread

Anyone know what happened to lunch?

If we don’t look she might go away!

Race you to the Water!

Last in buys the Fish Supper!

16 thoughts on “No Bread

  1. Nancy


    We have hundreds of thousands of Canada Geese in our area. They used to “Overnight” here on their way South for the Winter. Then,years ago, people began feeding them and the geese decided that Life was Good here so they never went South OR North anymore.

    They “poop” everywhere and children can’t run and play in many parks anymore because of green gunk all over the place.

    The FAA thinks it was a flock of these geese that brought down the USAIR flight that Captain Sullenberger so skillfully landed in the Hudson River. In the hands of a less experienced pilot there could have many hundreds killed . All because of these geese.

    I will trade you 5,000 geese for one duck.

  2. Judy Harper

    The pictures are so clear and good! I love the post. I so enjoy going to parks that have streams and ponds. The apartment complex where my mom lives, has a pond and there always ducks walking around. She likes to feed the birds, so her apartment if one on the duck’s stops, of course!

  3. bikehikebabe

    Our newspaper’s Police Blotter said, “Someone was being MEAN to the ducks.”

    We live in a small town with a pond in the center of town. We don’t have much crime. (Our only “industry?” here is LANL. NL = national laboratory which is scientific.)

  4. Brighid

    At least a duck attack is less painfull than a goose attack. We don’t feed them or any of the multitude of wild things around here. We try not to mess with Mother Nature.

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Kenju – I wonder how many times a day they run in anticipation of bread. I also wonder if stale bread is really good or bad for the ducks.

    Nancy – I bet those geese make plenty of noise as well as a mess. Captain Sullenberger did a wonderful job in landing so skilfully and saving so many lives.
    I’ll not swop the ducks. We have swans and geese here too along the river.

    Judy – We did have a wonderful selection of feathered friends visit our garden over the years. Now we seem to have an abundance of magpies and the smaller birds have disappeared. I wonder if all the cats of the neighbourhood who insist on using my gardens as a highway are responsible.

    BHB – I hope they were not taking them home for dinner. 😉

    Brighid – Geese can be very vicious and indeed dangerous.

    Baino – For some reason there are always more boy ducks in that river.

  6. Grannymar Post author

    WWW – I am enjoying being out and about too.

    Darlene – A honking quack quack to you too! 😆

    Lily – I think I am for the birds! 😉

  7. Grannymar Post author


    I remember bringing my sister to feed the ducks in St Stephen’s Green when she was small… She fell in!
    I had to take her home on the bus soaking wet. 🙁 Buy her new panties??? I was lucky to have the bus fare home, pocket money was unheard of in our house. I don’t think she ever went near the edge of a pond or lake again.


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