Dance Baby Dance

Last night I got this by email and shared it with a couple of friends.

So what better way to begin a day that with a great big smile.

Thank you Bikehikebabe.

Now I am off to do my exercises….!

20 thoughts on “Dance Baby Dance

  1. bikehikebabe

    Uh Ho! You didn’t see this baby dance here.

    He thrashes around fast & kicks his leg out several times–4 times at one place. Very fast movements & all in time to the music.

    It’s fixed so you can’t get the original fast dance. (except by the email I got) I tried though Google “Baby Dancing to Beyounce”. Technology working against us this time.

  2. Darlene

    I love this and have watched it over and over. No joke made me laugh as hard as watching this cute baby. Grannymar, I think we have found out choreographer.

  3. Judy Harper

    You got to admit, the baby’s legs are long enough. The baby had those arm movements down as well. What kicks! lol I now have a smile on my face. Thanks, Grannymar!

  4. bikehikebabe

    UH OH!!!
    My @#%^&@#computer is misbehaving. Everyone is getting this video fast with baby bouncing & kicking in time to the music.

    My computer is giving me Grannymar’s baby so slow that baby is hardly moving, though music is fast. What’s Wrong???

  5. bikehikebabe

    My husband got Grannymar’s baby moving fast on his two computers. I got it fast from the email my friend sent me. (She had 6 babies.) By the time it got to Grannymar’s blog, my computer wasn’t fast enough for that.

    I NEED a new computer!

  6. bikehikebabe

    I sez it’s a boy. I had two of each.
    He has broad shoulders & is extremely active.
    However boys don’t usually dance soooo???

  7. bikehikebabe

    O.K. maybe it’s a girl. Girls have changed.

    I live across from the grade school— 1st to 3rd grade building.
    My girls are 45 & 47. When they were there, girls sat around in little groups, talking. The boys ran around. Now they are ALL running.

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Magpie – You mean you don’t bop to Beyounce? 😉

    Darlene – I think we did, so long as we don’t have to wear nappies/diapers. 🙄

    Judy H – I am glad you enjoyed it.

    BHB – We will have to start a fund for your new computer. I think Conrad has a spare $0.01. :lD

    WWW – One of my brothers phoned to share the news about his first grandchild. “Boy or girl?” I asked. Back he came as quick as a flash with “A child!” You would know what he meant by that. For everyone else it meant the baby was a girl!

    BHB – I would have said a girl. Look at that nappy. It is all behind her. Don’t they have different ones for boys and girls nowadays?

    MelRoXx – I am glad you like it.

  9. Magpie11

    Ahem…boys do and would continue to dance if people didn’t brain wash them into believing it’s sissy and girly. After all it was good enough for Henry VIII!

    As for bopping to Beyonce> Well, I can’t say I really know the lady or her music but what I have heard is as uninspiring as most modern (so called) Dance music …it just doesn’t make my feet tap…. perhaps because the vision of so many of my colleagues looking ridiculous pretending to be sexy young women after the age of 45 is seered into my brain.

    That and being told that they have no need for a man on the dance floor…. mind you the only answer to that is that they have never danced properly… Dance being the vertical expression of horizontal desire legalised by music….GBS. At that they tend to shut up!

    Now, if I could I’d, “bop” along with Josephine Baker or Ginger Rogers or some of the Professionals on Strictly Come Dancing and there is a mum of one of my ex pupils who comes from Argentina and Tangos…..

    BTW I’ve danced since before I was in my teens…. Never without a partner at school dances every Saturday….

    I know I’m an old codger…but there it is.

  10. Magpie11

    My father in law could dance..and how… I saw him reduce women who thought they knew how to dance to quivering jellies of ecstasy…. I was jealous! :-))

  11. bikehikebabe

    Back to difference between little boys & girls.

    Today I crossed the back field of the school & 4 little (4 to 5 year old) boys crowed up against me & asked questions. Are you in disguise? Are the police looking for you? I had a scarf covering my face to keep the sun out.

    The little girls at the swings stayed back. Looked apprehensive. One barely waved. Another said she liked my scarf–which was tan with no pattern.


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