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One Memorable Day.

LBC Members: Ashok, Conrad, Gaelikaa, Helen, Judy, Magpie 11, Maria, Ramana and I, (Marianna will return after a short break) have been busy, day dreaming about…

One memorable day

the topic chosen for us this week by Ramana.


Waking to the sound of a bath being drawn for me, I slip from between the sheets and into the warm luxury of bath essence that quickly and gently removes all traces of sleep from my body.  Wrapped in a warm robe, I work my magic on my autumn glory.   A full cooked breakfast prepares me for the day ahead.

Once fully and comfortably dressed it is time to collect our packed lunches and hit the trail.

We are starting from the village of Patterdale, lying at the head of Ullswater, widely regarded as one of the loveliest of all the lakes, in the English Lake District.  Amongst the trees, of native oak, birch and hazel near the shoreline, the golden daffodils of this lake were the inspiration for William Wordsworth to write his famous “Daffodils” poem.

Our ramble takes us on a journey of 6-7miles through hamlets with such wonderful sounding names as Caudale Bridge – Caudale Quarry – Rough Edge – Stony Cove Pike – Threshthwaite Mouth – Pasture Bottom – Hartsop – Cow Bridge – Brothers Water – Hartsop Hall before winding back to Caudale Bridge and Patterdale.

The terrain means a climb of 2,150ft, through breathtaking scenery and we are content to step out together with matching stride.  Long stretches are hand in hand, soaking in the amazing wonder and sounds of nature; at peace and with no desire to break the companionable silence.

Returning to civilization in the late afternoon, there is time for a shower and a rest with the feet raised for an hour before we enjoy an aperitif.  Happy; with a glow that only comes from a day spent under the skies, the chat comes easily now as we each recall the hi-lights of our day.

The chef prepares a mouth-watering four course dinner, using fresh local produce, which is served in a lakeside Restaurant with uninterrupted views.  Being one of the warmer evenings we take an after dinner drink out on the lawn and enjoy chatting with other guests as the sky turns to a deep dark velvet with crystal clear stars.

Finally completing the circle by climbing the stairway to dreamland;  There is only one thought:- A wonderful day!

Indeed; a memorable day!


When I was young most sweets were displayed in shops like this:

They were sold in multiples of 4ozs.  I remember barley sugars, lemon drops, acid drops, raspberry ruffles, caramels and chocolate toffees.

What were your favourites?

Now while you think about it, I am off to chew on a square of licorice & chase the dust.  It is Friday and LBC day, I need to be back for a rest and a read at 3pm.