Attention Toyboys!

You know I like to keep tabs on what is going on in Toyboyland.  I have to.  Otherwise they get up to all kinds of shananigans!

So tell me…

Do you or don’t you…..

Have a clean face or…

Is hiding it the lazy option or the latest high fashion statement?

23 thoughts on “Attention Toyboys!

  1. Nick

    I’ve had a clean face since the early seventies when I grew a long Lennon-style beard and then took a strong aversion to hairy faces and shaved it off. I’d much rather see a man’s face properly without a thicket of hair obscuring it. It’s not synonymous with adventure, it’s equally synonymous with spaced-out hippies doing nothing all day. If men expect women to shave their entire body, the least they can do is shave their faces. Sorry, strong feelings on this one!

  2. wisewebwoman

    I’m of two minds on this one, GM, it depends on the guy. some guys look awful in beards (a wispy weary sprouting) others look chest-thumpingly virile.
    And aside to Nick: Your demands of Jenny must take her a couple of hours (and untold razors) for that head to feet shave in the morning…

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – Only one of my brothers sports a beard, long grey wild and woolly, it makes him look like an ancient druid. I also think it makes him look much older than his years.

    As for the women; I think that the modern obsession with constant shaving actually promotes excessive hair growth.

    WWW – I know a few very touchy-feely looking beards. 😉 Now don’t ask I AM NOT TELLING! 🙄

    Ramana – Is it not uncomfortable in the excessive heat?

    Will – My great grandfather used to tell my mother when she was small, that he woke up one morning and all the hair from his head had fallen out and it was growing on his chin! He also changed farthings into threepenny bits. Can you do that?

    Nick – Are you in trouble? 😉

  4. Brighid

    Don’t shave my face, Yet, but take my waxing strips away and it can get UgLy around here. Oh, did you mean the men? lol
    Men: Love those stash’s and goatees, no beards need apply.

  5. Magpie11

    GM well knows that I have a beard. I have it because I hated shaving. I also want to hide my chin as it makes me look like a long loathed uncle I once had.

    What else? Oh yes, Nick there is a counter argument that a man’s face is not “proper” without a beard. Also, I don’t ask women to shave their bodies…those that do tell me that, like make up, it’s for their own benefit and the benefit of other women.

    There are also some female shaving habits/ideas that are wholly unnecessary IMHO.

    I can see how this might just get out of control….

  6. Nick

    Do you know the old rhyme:

    There was an old man called Michael Finnigan
    He grew whiskers on his chinigan
    The wind came along and blew them all inigan
    Poor old Michael Finnigan
    Beginigan (etc)

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Brighid – 😆

    Baino – You old smoothie! 🙄

    Magpie – As you say I know you have a beard. By the way I don’t ask for Birth certs! 😉

    Nick – I love your version of that song! 😀

  8. Grannymar Post author

    WWW – I hope Nick’s head is clear today.

    Rhyleysgranny – I am laughing at the idea of Will going round with his head upside down. 😆

  9. Grannymar Post author


    Grow it very long, divide it in the middle bring each half up over your ears and catch with a little bow on top of your head! 😉

  10. Magpie11

    Will…a comb round surely…

    As for Michael Finnegan… that takes me back to my child hood… It was the only part of the song I knew and I used to annoy my parents with it.

    Thanks for an idea, Nick.

  11. Rummuser

    Heat? What heat? I live in Pune. The Brits when they were here made it their largest Command for its climate! In other places, with God’s grace, I am now in a position in life, where, I am mostly in air-conditioned comfort outside Pune and in the summer in Pune too.

  12. Grannymar Post author

    Magpie – An idea? O dear! 😉

    Ramana – Google tells me it is 29°C in Pune and evening to boot. Here it is 8°C, very windy with heavy showers all day.

  13. gaelikaa

    When I met Yash 22 years ago, he was almost clean shaven with a moustache. Now he’s got this full beard, but a smart, trimmed, type of a one, not your unkempt type. It gives him this brooding, dark look which I don’t really go for at all. I liked the other look better. Anyway, once the lights are out, you can’t tell the difference!


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