A little dander

I was out shopping the other day in a modern shopping centre.

Look what I found:-

Not a very clear picture taken with my phone.  This little one was leading the animals so gently and carefully as part of a promotion for the switching on of the Christmas lights.

Alas the only trees I saw being erected were cone shaped metal structures covered in plastic greenery and tiny coloured lights.  For me there was nothing Christmassy about them.

I did dally long enough to have a coffee.  The place was small with very few tables.  The coffee was good and so was the music… soft and gentle.  I actually thanked the waitress, as I often do, both for the coffee and the fact that the choice of music had nothing to do with Christmas.

Now I am off to play my music and dance about the room until 3pm.  See you then!

8 thoughts on “A little dander

  1. Grannymar Post author

    Ian, I remember Mickey Marley’s Roundabout! I am sure that somewhere I have a photo of a very young Elly enjoying the magic of the moment while listening to the music and bobbing up and down.

  2. bikehikebabe

    I have learned so much from associating with you Irish (& UK) people. And all these expressions I’ve heard in the Irish (& UK) books on CD.

    Like “on the other side of the pond”, X X X, knickers, nappies, many others that I can’t recall just now.

  3. Alice

    Is Christmas now very different from your Christmas as a child? When I was a child, everything was natural–the tree, the mistletoe, and even the red berries and holly the wreaths were made from. Now everything, including the tree we put up every year, is plastic. I saw one humongous real tree in a Christmas tree lot a couple days ago, and couldn’t help wondering how many hundred dollars it cost. But oh wouldn’t it have smelled nice in the house? As for the music, I must admit I just set my musical clock to play Christmas tunes every hour on the hour during daylight. I’ll turn it off the day right after.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Alice, Christmas was indeed very different and simple. This weekend in homes all over Northern Ireland the tree and houses will be decorated with lights etc. Real trees will be lined up outside shops for sale from tomorrow Saturday.

    We always had a real tree, erected in the living room a few days before Christmas and not removed until after twelfth night. A tall candle was lit at twilight (the first light) and set in the front window to light the way for travellers (symbol) on Christmas eve. Add the glow of a real fire and the aromas of mammy’s baking coming from the kitchen – that was Christmas.

  5. Kate

    Its good to see you are getting about so well … and dancing too!! Well done!

    I gave your blog address to our receptionist at work whose Mum was getting ready to go for a hip replacement. She found it very calming in her moment of panic…. I doubt she would leave comments – so I will say thank you to you on her behalf!!!

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Kate – my dancing might not win any prizes, but it certainly keeps te circulation going!

    I am pleased your friend found my blog helpful. I hope she is recovering well.


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