Daily Archives: November 29, 2009

What time is it?

Sometimes I spend long hours of the night awake in bed.

Usually the radio is switched on at a low drone in the hope it will lull me to sleep.  There are times when a particular voice or article will bring me to full alertness and I become absorbed in a programme.  Once over I am content to snuggle down again and sleep will take over for an hour.

I have tried reading, getting up and walking around, making a warm drink etcetera, but am finally resigned to the fact that three hours sleep are my lot.  Now please don’t suggest I get up and do some physical work.  My day is long enough as it is without turning the night into day too.   I have a friend who will get up and do household chores and then sleep for long hours during the day.  I don’t want that.

Since Tobias came into my life, he stands guard beside my bed to offer some distraction when I become completly restless.   Today was one such day.  Boy, am I glad.  I was flitting about on the net when I heard a ‘ping’!

It was my Elly finally settled into her hotel in Phoenix, Arizona.  It was almost 6am for me yet it was still yesterday for her!  A very long yesterday.  She boarded a plane on the Tarmac at Dublin, Ireland at 10am Irish time, and twenty hours later she had reached her destination and was talking to me online.

In my very young life, when people went to ‘AMERICA’ it would take a week by ship and many were never heard of again.  Unless you were good with the words and the pen…..

My very first job was as a telephone operator in the Dublin telephone exchange.  Calls to ‘America’ had to be pre-booked with an operator and were very expensive.  The operator in Dublin called White Plains Exchange and they dialled the number.  The majority of calls lasted THREE minutes!

Now not alone can I speak instantly to Elly in far off places but I can see her as well.  Thanks to this same process I have spoken to and seen several bloggers that I now count as friends.

The world might be getting warmer… it is certainly getting smaller!