Daily Archives: December 1, 2009

More Shoes

I broke the rules!

I met a man from the internet the other day… I never saw him before.

He wasn’t a hatchet man…. I’m still alive.

He bought me a coffee… then showed me his etchings photographs ❗

He has this thing about shoes.  Now he wants to see mine 🙄

I decided I better give them a clean first…






)( + )( + )( + )(

Back in April 2007 I wrote a post entitled Shoes and on 21st November this year, I had a new comment.  It went like this:-

Hi Grannymar,
I picked up on your shoe comments as part of some research that I am engaged in. I am a mature student studying Photography at the University of Ulster and I am currently shooting a Typology of ladies shoe collections. Some refer to this as the Imelda Marcos syndrome but I am much more interested in trying to visualise the emotive aspect of this practice This is an attempt to understand the female psyche through their acquisition,style, storage and treatment of their shoes.
I am currently half way through approximately 10/12 set ups shooting shoes belonging to females in the 20 to 50 age group and I would now like to get in contact with ladies in the 50 + bracket  who have the shoe passion.
If you or anyone on this blog would like to consider this photo project then please contact me. I would add by way of assurance as to the genuine nature of this project, that it can be verified through the head of The Photographic Department at The university of Ulster.

Now I am not sure how far Jim is prepared to travel, so BHB and Gail  no need to tidy that shoe cupboard yet!