More Shoes

I broke the rules!

I met a man from the internet the other day… I never saw him before.

He wasn’t a hatchet man…. I’m still alive.

He bought me a coffee… then showed me his etchings photographs ❗

He has this thing about shoes.  Now he wants to see mine 🙄

I decided I better give them a clean first…






)( + )( + )( + )(

Back in April 2007 I wrote a post entitled Shoes and on 21st November this year, I had a new comment.  It went like this:-

Hi Grannymar,
I picked up on your shoe comments as part of some research that I am engaged in. I am a mature student studying Photography at the University of Ulster and I am currently shooting a Typology of ladies shoe collections. Some refer to this as the Imelda Marcos syndrome but I am much more interested in trying to visualise the emotive aspect of this practice This is an attempt to understand the female psyche through their acquisition,style, storage and treatment of their shoes.
I am currently half way through approximately 10/12 set ups shooting shoes belonging to females in the 20 to 50 age group and I would now like to get in contact with ladies in the 50 + bracket  who have the shoe passion.
If you or anyone on this blog would like to consider this photo project then please contact me. I would add by way of assurance as to the genuine nature of this project, that it can be verified through the head of The Photographic Department at The university of Ulster.

Now I am not sure how far Jim is prepared to travel, so BHB and Gail  no need to tidy that shoe cupboard yet!

19 thoughts on “More Shoes

  1. Nick

    Clearly you don’t use your bath very much – or not for the intended purpose anyway! I’m always amazed at other people’s shoe collections – I have about four pairs maximum.

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Rhyleysgranny – Do you fancy taking part? Let me know and I will tell Jim.

    Nick – That bath is a few months short of 40 years old and well used in all that time. I was forbidden to use it post-op, but since I have a shower there was no need. The shoes were only there for the photo, the last unusual use for the bath was to hand wash Elly’s wedding outfit.

    And…. before you ask, the bath was only ever cleaned with wash-up liquid OR vinegar!

  3. Maynard

    Shoe woman, I hope this kid is only looking at the shoes and not smelling them.
    If he was, he would be passed out by now.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Maynard, If you ‘howld your whist’, I might tell you one of these days! 😉

    WWW – My collection has grown nearer the ground and reduced in size with each passing year.

    Ramana – I only chase them until they catch me! 🙄

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Magpie – Comfort is the order of the day!

    Jean – I thought that too about shoes and pants, I bought some plain ankle boots… when I sat down naturally the trouser leg shortened and the top of the boot, my legs bare or stockinged were on display for all to see.

  6. Alice

    Oh Grannymar, at least the young man only wants to see your shoes. Years ago I had a strange telephone call from a “student” (medical) who called himself Stephen King. He wanted me to volunteer for a cleansing of my colon to test a new method he was working on. Can you imagine!? Sure I’ll let you look up my behind and poke around in there. As for shoes, alas my collection has grown in the last years as I keep trying to find a pair that are truly comfy to wear. I have a few of those, but am reluctant to let go of all the other more stylish ones I never wear. (I may change my mind someday and have something to wear them to that is worth being uncomfortable–maybe the White House?)

  7. Brighid

    Hi my name is Brighid and I have more than a few pairs of shoes. I have tried to whittle the collection down to muck boots, riding boots, clogs, and dressy sandals. I thought I was overcoming my addiction, until that pair of black patten leather stilleto heels last week.

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Alice – I have heard of weird phone calls, but that one takes the biscuit!
    I think we all have an ‘If’ pair of shoes somewhere in the collection.

    Brighid – Welcome to Shoes Anonymous!

    Gaelikaa – I wish the weather here was warm enough to wear sandals all the time. 🙁

  9. Grannymar Post author

    Baino – Of course you can!

    I look longing at them these days. My right ankle still swells and the jeans are very neat and slim line, maybe ‘next week’ I’ll manage to struggle into the jeans and boots! How I get out of them will be another story. 🙄

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