Lazy day

Coffee & Croissants with home made jam, in front of a real fire.

Music softly playing in the background and the only other sound is the rustle of the newspaper.

“Yes please!  I will have more coffee!”

18 thoughts on “Lazy day

  1. Magpie11

    May I have marmalade instead, please?

    Thought of you this morning as I ground my coffee from Monmouth Coffee…. I had fresh cheese scones with mine!

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Certainly Magpie! The marmalade with big boats in it I presume. One day we will share a pot of your Monmouth Coffee.

  3. kenju

    I have coffee already, but no croissants and no open fire. No music either, and the paper is still on the driveway. I hope your day continues to go well.

  4. Nick

    Funny, a right-handed handle with a left-handed spoon. What can this mean?

    We don’t get newspapers on Sunday but yesterday was the lengthy rustle of The Independent and the Irish Times.

    We’re drinking home-ground coffee from Cuban beans sold at Bell’s tea and coffee merchants down the road.

  5. cathy

    Oooh, I so wish I could do the same. But deadlines loom, and my laptop doesn’t come with attached coffee or croissant. Or Christmas cake. Mmm.. Christmas cake… coffee…mince pies… Back to work…

  6. Brighid

    That’s a sounds like a wonderful way to start the day.
    It’s getting ready to storm here and the dogs need out for a bit, the girls(chickens) need feeding, the floors need mopping, the laundry needs doing, the dinner needs starting, the books need studying, and the shopping needs doing, so it will be a bit before the comfort here. Just one more cup of coffee and a scone and I’ll get to it….

  7. wisewebwoman

    H’mm my fresh ground “Jumping Bean” coffee was delicioso today along with partridgeberry loaf slice. Fire roaring and chicken for dinner roasting in its cast iron pot on top of it along with stir fried veggies.
    You’re with me in spirit, my dear.

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Judy – I hope by now you have found time to put your feet up and relax with a nice cuppa!

    Nick – In the photo above I think the spoon is placed to balance the picture.

    Ramana – Hopefully the week ahead will prove calmer.

    Cathy – Soon the deadlines will pass and you can relax with the feet up and a cream cake with the coffee!

    Brighid – I hope you have not blown away. When the chores are all done have another coffee with a treat, you deserve it.

    WWW – That dinner sounds divine! I wish I lived nearer.

  9. steph

    Nah, you don’t want to hear about my Sunday…

    (singing Karaoke at the nursing home Christmas party) 🙁

    Your idea of a lazy day sounds MUCH nicer!

  10. Judy Harper

    I had a quiet day today as well. I like Marmalade as well. You ever taken pancakes, spread cream cheese on them, then spread Marmalade on top? Very good with coffee!

  11. Grannymar Post author


    Your pancakes sound nice but despite this weeks recipe having cheese in it, I am not allowed indulge. Don’t tell Magpie 11 that you make marmalade or he will be on the first plane!

  12. Magpie11

    No need…. we make our own..well..I would if I was allowed in the kitchen. I wasn’t allowed to do my annual job of skinning and chopping the almonds by myself this year! :-((

  13. Magpie11

    It’s frustrating…I even have to demand to do the washing up at times. Apparently I don’t do it right.
    1st wash the fine glass
    2nd was any other table glass
    3rd wash the cutlery remembering not to put knife handles in the water
    4th the least greasy of the crockery
    5th any greasy crockery
    6th anything else that needs washing.

    Polish glass with a clean linen tea towel and then the cutlery….

    Do not try to dry two plates or dishes together or Grannie will haunt you and you might chip them.

    See, I learned my lessons well!

  14. Grannymar Post author

    Magpie, I need a washer-upper! I did have one… but…. he died! 🙁 He used to tell me that I would miss him one day! I do. Everyday. And not just for the dishes…


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