Daily Archives: December 9, 2009

Art with My Needle ~ Week 16

I realise that everyone is very busy with preparations for Christmas and the holiday season ahead.  In order not to cause much distraction today, I will go back to the very beginning of my creative journey with some basic stitch samplers we had to produce, proving that we knew how to work each stitch.

And for a closer look:

Oops!  That was the back of the work…. Well at some point the question was asked what the back of the work was like.  I am a dull person…. I tie up all my ends! 😉

So you want to see the front close up?  Well, OK then!

My favourite in the above sample is Velvet or Astrakhan Stitch.

When looking for the book with stitch diagrams, I found this one:

I know that the logo will mean something and bring back very fond memories for one of my readers.  It was published by J & P Coats Ltd., Paisley Scotland.  It was long before the dates of Barcodes and ISBN numbers.  I was bequeathed it when Elly was about five years old by an elderly Gentleman with a great love for needlepoint.