Daily Archives: December 15, 2009

The V Word

I used it today!

“Why?”  I hear you ask.

Well let me explain and then I will show you……

I know I told the world to vacuum the iron every so often to clean out the dry rusty deposits.  Well between use and the moist damp weather in these parts my iron never had the chance to dry out properly in the past fortnight.  It does have a ‘self-clean’ mode and I decided to use it.  To do this you need to fill the water chamber.  Sitting on the counter at the time just happened to be my spray bottle of Vinegar.

Hmmm, I thought add a splash to the water.  I added three splashes and proceeded to fill the water chamber.  Plugging in the iron I left it to stand on end at full heat for a few minutes. Three minutes became five before I came back to the iron.

Holding the hot water filled iron over the sink I began the process of self cleaning.  The grunge that came out the spray holes in the sole-plate was unbelievable.  Once empty I took this photo to show you.  That looks like a crusty lime deposit. We are not in an area for furry deposits on the elements of the kettle or coffee maker.

It was not easy to remove once the iron cooled.  I used an old toothbrush (never throw them out when you replace them in the bathroom) it was just right for the job.  When I was happy that I had removed all the deposits,  I refilled the iron with clean water and repeated the process.  The wash through was cleaner but to be sure I did it a third time and cleaned the sole-plate once more.

Now I am all set to iron the Roman blinds from the kitchen, since I took them down and washed them the other day.

Did anyone see that ladder?