Daily Archives: December 19, 2009

Who needs a Gym

Nowadays every Tom, Dick and Aunty Sally is a member of a Gym.

Of course once you have paid the gianormous fee you then need the correct Gym Apparel.  No self respecting member would dream of turning up without the latest colour coordinated super strapped training shirt and jazz pants, sweat band with matching socks and up to date power trainers.

Then before you lose one bead of perspiration the low carb protein drink must be on hand to replenish it.  What ever happened to go old water.  You know the stuff we drank as kids.  Every one of us drinking from the same water fountain…. Paper cups!!! Hand washing???  We never heard of that jazz when we were busy playing.   The funny thing is we are all here to tell the tale.

It is the younger generation, the baby wipe generation who seem to get the bugs and weird modern diseases.  Think about it. there are cleaners for this, cleaners for that and every darn one of them has a strong scent from pine to sweet perfume.  Did you know that these so called smellies in household cleaners and particularly those dreaded Plug-in room deodorants can cause nausea AND DEPRESSION!

New resolution time is coming close, so why not save the dosh and give this a go!

You might even get to meet your neighbours!