Daily Archives: December 22, 2009

I arrived!

The day began with a fresh fall of snow.  The snow alone was not a problem, the thick layer of ice below it was.  I spoke to the toyboy thinking he would have a change of heart.  He was determined that the plans would go ahead. They did!

He arrived late lunchtime and soon we were off on our journey.  The main roads were salted and he made light work of the driving.  A good two hours into the journey… the mobile buzzed.  Where were we?  we informed the caller of our location.  “The motorway ahead was closed due to an accident!” she said.  “you should make a detour… find another route.  Mum will tell you which way to go, she knows the countryside!

The light was fading, I made a decision….. we needed to head inland.  Watching the sign posts more intently, I suggested we keep going for a while longer.  Then it was time to take the exit from the motorway.  I was working from a memory deep in my past.  We needed to find a road that I had not followed in over 35 years.  The townlands were from my childhood.  I recognised the odd building and was happy that we had taken the right road.

Again, we cut across country before turning south.  I was glad to be in the passenger seat and not driving.  We eventually managed to reach our destination, it was bright warm and welcoming.  Elly quickly ushered me in out of the cold. and I could smell the welcome aroma wafting from the oven.  The toyboy unloaded the car and we were soon tucked up cosy and warm.

I believe the temperature is expected to drop to about -6°C -or 8°C tonight.

Thank you George for chauffering me safely to Dublin.  Part two of the journey will take place on Thursday.