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Week 25 of the Loose Blogging consortium amazingly falls on Friday 25th December giving us the opportunity  to share the latest helping from the LBC Family  I urge you to take a break from all the hustle, bustle  and eating that is part of this time of year to check out contributions made by Anu Ashok, Conrad, Gaelikaa, Ginger Haag, Judy, Magpie 11, Maria, & RamanaHelen is taking a break for a few weeks but we look forward to the day when she can return.
The topic this week was chosen by Gaelikaa


The stairs were very steep but they had only fifteen steps. The first ten were straight before reaching the bend. That bend involved three fan shaped steps as the stairs turned 90º, the points were next to the banister rail, and it was difficult for short legs with hands full to negotiate them and balance before attempting the final three steps to the landing.

Crossing the landing was more difficult, the arms were growing tired and tray with a plate & two cups and saucers rattled and shook  eager to splash their liquid over the tops of the cups, but thank goodness the buttered bread escaped the raining liquid.  Pushing open the bedroom door with my foot I timidly carried the tray to the bed. Mammy and daddy sat up as I approached.

“This is a lovely surprise!” said Mammy taking the tray and resting it on her knee. I was so pleased with my effort that I was unaware of the look that passed between my parents.

“How did you light the gas?” She enquired.

“I didn’t!” I answered cheerfully.

“Well where did you get the hot water?” Asked mammy.

Ever positive, I told her:  “Out of the hot tap!”

“I think we need a little more sugar” said mammy. “Will you bring up the bowl please…. and don’t run!”

When I arrived back up the stairs with the sugar bowl, daddy was getting back into bed and the cups were empty! They must have been very thirsty….

I was all of five years old and the water in the tap seemed very hot to my little fingers!

Seasons Greetings

Go Gcuire spiorád ná Nollág

Suaimhneás I do chroi

Agus ceol ar do bheolá

May the spirit of Christmas bring

Peace to your heart

and music to your lips.

Since this is Friday the Loose Bloggers will be around later for some Mince Pies and trifle.  See you then.