Daily Archives: January 2, 2010

If I went to the sales

What would I buy?

I have more than enough shoes, anyway Spring, when I am ready to shed the layers and Autumn, as my body craves to be cosseted in warmer clothes are my favourite times to spend in the shoe department.

I would like a new dress.  I actually see it in my mind’s eye, but that can be dangerous as it may not be available in any shops.

It happened once before in my single days.  I traipsed Dublin for an overcoat.  I knew exactly what it was like. The style, the colour and particularly the collar.  Grafton Street alas, had no magic in the air, Wicklow Street and South Great George’s Street were no better so I travelled north across Dame Street and through Temple Bar (it was a place for speed walking back then, and not to linger unlike today) over the Halfpenny Bridge and on through Liffey Street to Henry street.  I searched every shop.  I asked every sales assistant and none of them knew the coat I was talking about.  I must have worn out a pair of shoes that day.

Do you think I was dreaming about the coat?