If I went to the sales

What would I buy?

I have more than enough shoes, anyway Spring, when I am ready to shed the layers and Autumn, as my body craves to be cosseted in warmer clothes are my favourite times to spend in the shoe department.

I would like a new dress.  I actually see it in my mind’s eye, but that can be dangerous as it may not be available in any shops.

It happened once before in my single days.  I traipsed Dublin for an overcoat.  I knew exactly what it was like. The style, the colour and particularly the collar.  Grafton Street alas, had no magic in the air, Wicklow Street and South Great George’s Street were no better so I travelled north across Dame Street and through Temple Bar (it was a place for speed walking back then, and not to linger unlike today) over the Halfpenny Bridge and on through Liffey Street to Henry street.  I searched every shop.  I asked every sales assistant and none of them knew the coat I was talking about.  I must have worn out a pair of shoes that day.

Do you think I was dreaming about the coat?

20 thoughts on “If I went to the sales

  1. Grannymar Post author

    Nancy, the overcoat. The heavy yokes we need to wear over clothes when we go out in the freezing or rainy weather. Not the Mink Coat, that is another story!

  2. Nancy


    Please tell us the mink coat story…..I’m dying to hear it.

    I have a mink coat story, too. Remember Tessie’s coat?

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Nancy, I remember the tale of Tessie’s coat.

    Did I not mention the mink coat before? I think I will save it for another day.

  4. kenju

    I have learned not to fantasize about a particular piece of clothing when I go shopping – or it will never be found.

    Shoes? I never have enough of those!!

  5. Alice

    I’d buy a crochet hook and some yarn as I’m itching to make tiny little blankets for granddaughter’s doll house beds. I’d speculate more but my conscience is calling me to take the holiday stuff down and pack them away in the storage room. Wait a minute! . . . was that really my conscience? Humm, it sounded a whole lot like Hubby! Gotta go regardless. Back later! Happy day to all.

  6. bikehikebabe

    Wow, it just happens I spent a day in Dublin while my daughter-in-law was in the library studying the Irish. We live “across the pond”. I don’t need a library. I learn it from Grannymar.

  7. steph


    You’ve plenty of time to get that dress…

    the Irish Blog Awards are not until March 😉

    If you describe the dress you have in mind, I’ll keep a eye-out for you!

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Judy – I have a bath full of shoes 🙄 I better not buy any more.

    Alice – It has been a long time since I did any crochet or knitting for myself. I did have the various needles in my hands when Elly was here to show her how to work new stitches.

    BHB – I was born and raised in Dublin.

    Steph – Galway here we come! At this stage I am keeping 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th free…. I don’t want to miss all the craic! I’ll see you there Steph.

  9. steph


    In that case…

    you’ll need to keep the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th free, to recover!

    I’m hoping that they’ll have a ‘Best Patient’ category this year so that I can fight you over it 😉

  10. Judy Harper

    Reading your blog is such a good way to start the new year! I understand what you were saying yesterday in your post about humor! It is easier to have humor on the spur of the moment or in response to what someone else says than to write about. Me, I hate shopping! I only shop if I have to! Which I’m about to do, groceries! UGH!

  11. Grannymar Post author

    Judy, Humour for me has always been in the moment and often loses in the retelling, perhaps that was why I became unstuck yesterday. In all the 26 weeks of the LBC Humour was the most difficult topic for me.

  12. Brighid

    Thanks for the reminder. I had been meaning to do a coat story and now it’s done.
    Are you making the special dress?

  13. Grannymar Post author


    Glad I jogged your memory. I loved your story.
    Nothing special about the dress, I just fancy a new one.

  14. Baino

    Grannymar you have written about the mink. You should pose a redux. My mother used to shop with something very specific in mind. Clare does it too and can never find the perfect garment. Best to go out with an open mind I think . . then I hate shopping but simply have to do it tommorrow . .I don’t have a single T shirt that hasn’t been sploshed with bleach or chlorine.

  15. stwidgie

    My mother had a story about a blouse I described to her once that I seemed to want very much. She made a shopping odyssey like the one you describe before asking me where I had seen it. Turns out I had imagined it. Although she may have been pleased on some level that I was an imaginative child, she was mostly annoyed at the time. I remember none of this.

  16. Grannymar Post author

    Baino – I may rehash the story of the Mink! Nowadays I usually find clothes I like on a day when I am not shopping for them.

    stwidgie – I know how your mother felt! 😀
    Happy 2010. Any big plans this year?


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