Daily Archives: January 6, 2010

Art with My Needle ~ Week 20

If I embroidered handkerchiefs, it would be the perfect week to use them.  Instead I am working my way through yet another box of the paper variety.   Well ’tis the season to be… coughing, spluttering and croaking!  I’ll live and the regular hot port with lemon and honey is slipping down nicely thank you and certainly keeping my spirits up!

What better way to find distraction than with a little gentle weaving.

No, I do not need any large machinery, all these samples were done by hand, sitting comfortably in an armchair with my workbox by my side.

The base/backing was rug canvas. with two different treatments.

On the left I used left over gift wrap ribbons threaded by hand, leaving some of the canvas as part of the design.

On the right torn strips of fabric were stitched through using a bodkin.

The blue piece is sequin offcut with purchased felt, cut in strips and again threaded through with a bodkin.

Now I need to replenish my fluids 😉 and to check on the falling snow.

Well, I do have another excuse to take it easy to day, after all it is Nollaig na mBan – “Little Christmas” – or “Women’s Christmas” as my mother used to call it – always on January 6th.

So to all women out there Enjoy your day!